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Raptor Lite Gives You More Flexibility to Start with Raptor

Melissa Newman Blog

New Eagle’s Raptor Lite product enables engineers and developers to try our embedded model-based development software for free before making a decision to buy the full version.

Raptor Lite includes a few elements of the full Raptor platform: a sample of Raptor-Dev, the full version of Raptor-Cal, and our PC simulator for HMI development. That package allows developers to get a feel for what it’s like to work within the Raptor environment—and get a taste of its benefits.

You should consider Raptor Lite if you’re not ready to jump in with the full Raptor platform or you fall into one of the following three groups:

1. You’re curious about whether Raptor is the right tool for your project.

This is by far the most common reason developers download Raptor Lite. Raptor is an incredible tool that’s proven to help manufacturers speed up their development timeline – but it’s not right for everyone.

Better yet, some smaller projects can actually be fully completed within Raptor Lite alone. While the lite version only allows developers a maximum of 150 Raptor blocks and 1000 Simulink blocks (in contrast to the unlimited number of blocks permitted by the full version), that modest threshold still leaves enough room to build some smaller models.

2. You want to start your project now, but lack immediate-term purchasing power.

One built-in convenience of the Raptor Lite platform is that you can “flip the switch” to the full version at a moment’s notice.

If you’re staring down a short-term cash flow crunch or facing a drawn-out process with your purchasing department, and you can’t afford to waste time waiting around, Raptor Lite can still give you a head start on your project in the interim.

Once your funding comes through, a simple online payment can grant you instantaneous access to the full version of Raptor, allowing you to finish what you couldn’t get done with the freeware version.

3. You want to teach control software development at the university level.

Raptor Lite’s features are generally sufficient for the needs of a purely educational environment. The 150-block limit allows more than enough freedom to teach the basics of controls software development, and it’s unlikely that students who are new to these concepts would be designing anything more complex than those parameters allow.

Explore the Raptor environment risk-free today.

Interested?  Get your hands on a free Raptor Lite license. There’s no downside, so take this opportunity to try before you buy.