Fast controls for green machines

If you’re designing electric or hybrid machines–or converting machines to work that way–your controls platform is an important part of your development process.  Your control platform will determine how your machine operates, and can affect how quickly your machine reaches production.

It can be hard to create the control system your EV/HEV machine needs because hardware components within your machine’s control system may not easily communicate with each other.  For many developers, that means they need to spend a lot of time writing custom code and reworking algorithms to try and connect components into a single system. That’s risky, and can lead to a lot of time and money wasted in development.

New Eagle offers a better controls solution. Our control platform uses compatible, production-ready hardware that can be customized with easy-to-write software, using our software tools.  Our control development process cuts out the risky, time-consuming process of reworking software algorithms for each hardware component you add or change in your machine, helping you create a production-ready machine quickly and safely.

Designing an EV machine?

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