Problems We Solve

We have a breadth of experience working in the autonomous, electric & hybrid, engine control, electro-hydraulic, and engine control problem space.  Our mechatronic control solutions have solved difficult control challenges in the automotive, military and commercial vehicle markets, including the medium-and heavy-duty trucks, construction vehicles,  bus, agriculture, specialty transportation, mining, industrial equipment and off-road recreational machines.

We believe that your machine’s development cycle shouldn’t be held up by frustrating challenges in control system design, development and integration. We help you avoid these challenges with expert engineering services, software tools, and trusted hardware offerings.  With us as your partner, you’ll have the power to take control of your machine’s development cycle and go from prototype to production quickly, efficiently, and securely.


Innovative control solutions for advancing autonomous technologies.

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Electric & Hybrid

Production-grade systems that boost efficiency while cutting risk.

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Engine Control

Reliable solutions to help engines meet efficiency goals and emissions standards.

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Intelligent Machines

Advanced control solutions for complex machines.

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Oil & Gas

Rugged solutions for lasting, reliable control in hardworking machines.

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