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How New Eagle Engineers

Production hardware and development software platform built by engineers for engineers.

The Business Case for New Eagle

Controls hardware, software, and engineering proven to accelerate your vehicle to market.

New Eagle + John Deere

Together, New Eagle and John Deere are creating new possibilities for mobile machines. Pairing New Eagle’s open-platform solution with John Deere’s rugged, trusted ECU hardware unlocks unmatched performance, reliability, and efficiency for your next vehicle.

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Join Us for the New Eagle Innovation Summit 2024

Join us at the New Eagle Innovation Summit 2024, themed "Accelerating Safety and Security for Production Control," to explore the latest technology trends in embedded controls. Set for September 24-25th at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI, this event will empower you with insights and strategies to bring embedded systems to market.

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Raptor Training 101

Unlock Your Potential with Raptor 101: Master New Skills in Just Two Days.

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Raptor and Ampere EV Teamup to Transform Vehicle Production

Ampere EV’s Atom Drive Systems leverages Raptor to create the first turn-key, platform-agnostic, electric vehicle control system on the market.

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    Ready to be Your ECU Production Partner

    New Eagle offers scalable full-service production capabilities, including product and process engineering services, US-based volume manufacturing, program management, and supply chain logistics. With an emphasis on functional safety, cybersecurity, quality, performance, and traceability, New Eagle is committed to delivering the highest level of satisfaction with one-stop shop convenience.
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    Jumpstart Your Vehicle Development with Raptor

    Raptor is our flexible and intuitive open ECU development platform. As a highly adaptable suite of tools based on our embedded model-based development (eMBD) proprietary system and backed with New Eagle engineering support and services, Raptor is built to make your vehicle development process soar above the competition.
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    How We Work

    From project design to production, our approach to engineering unlocks the best results for your project while allowing you to retain control of your IP.
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