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Need a mechatronic control system? No one gets you to production faster or more efficiently than New Eagle. We put you in total control of your IP, your supply chain, and your project - all the way from development to production.
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Design & Development Tools

Raptor is a production-ready and volume-priced set of tools that saves you time and money. Speed up your project using embedded model-based development (eMBD) while keeping complete control of your IP.
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Engineering Services

Want to take your machine controls beyond where your internal team can take you? Our engineers can handle your control system design and integration as well as modeling and simulation. Rely on New Eagle’s Automotive Functional Safety Engineers (AFSE) to help you navigate Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) and ISO 26262 requirements.
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Production Hardware & Supply Chain Services

New Eagle’s strategic partnerships with market-leading hardware manufacturers give you access to validated hardware ready for high-volume production. Count on our global distribution network for quality parts.
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Developing Control Systems Faster With Raptor

Learn how Raptor helps you take control of your vehicle development process from concept to production.

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Richard C. Swortzel, P.E.
Founder and President, New Eagle

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Friday, April 23, 2021

Electrification is today's market challenge.

Our best offering into this market is our EV Supervisor Template which enables a manufacturer to quickly move from concept to design to production.

This is enabled from Raptor eMBD and our EV Supervisory Template.

Own your IP,  shorten the schedule and control your costs.


A Supply Chain You Can Count On

As a one-stop controls supplier, reliability, cost, and timing are our top priorities. We have aligned with leading manufacturers who serve a variety of industries to offer the best OEM-grade hardware at competitive prices. And our dynamic supply chain means we can reliably deliver mature, new, and low-volume products wherever and whenever you need them.


Resources For Development Teams

April 7, 2021

5 Benefits of Using Raptor-Dev’s Controls Foundation Library

Raptor-Dev is a collection of virtual libraries. These libraries provide an amalgamation of highly customizable Raptor blocks on the Simulink
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