Raptor-Based Autonomous System

New Eagle is a leader in research and development of control system technology for autonomous machines. New Eagle’s Raptor control platform simplifies control system development by pairing powerful, easy-to-use software tools with reliable, production-ready hardware.

Developers of autonomous vehicles can take control by utilizing Raptor or by hiring New Eagle to build a safe and reliable Drive-By-Wire (DBW) kit to meet their specifications.

drive by wire pacifica by new eagle

Inside the Chrysler DBW Kit

New Eagle’s Chrysler Pacifica DBW kit is the easy autonomous control system solution you need to transform an OEM into a DBW vehicle. This kit contains:

  • Automotive-grade controller
  • Wiring harness
  • Server rack with trunk-mounting hardware
  • Power distribution block
  • 500-Watt inverter for AC loads
  • SocketCAN hardware (Kvaser)
  • ROS nodes for communicating with system
  • Optional touchscreen controller
New Eagle DBW kit for the Chrysler Pacifica

New Eagle's DBW Kit

New Eagle’s Chrysler Pacifica DBW kit has all the trusted hardware components and software tools needed to transform an OEM into an autonomous machine.

Request the DBW Data Sheet
New Eagle Autonomous vehicle development guide
Justin demonstrating the DBW kit for Chrysler pacifica

Trusted Vehicle Integration

Navigate control system integration quickly and easily with New Eagle’s professional team. Our years of experience as control system creators, integrators, and suppliers give you the power to take control of your autonomous vehicle development with the professional services you need to overcome control challenges. Whether installing a DBW kit or completing a custom vehicle build, New Eagle is your full-service partner from concept to production.