Smart controls for smart machines

In autonomous systems, control platforms take “by wire” control with electronics and software to control actuators in these systems that carry out the system’s commands. Building these controls platforms takes a lot of time and money unless you use an existing platform that can be customized to your needs.

With New Eagle’s control platforms, though, you’ll have the power to build your autonomous system on a solid, existing controls foundation quickly. Our platform pairs easy-to-use software tools with compatible, production-ready hardware products to help you develop your autonomous machine fast, efficiently, and securely. If you need assistance getting started with our fast control development process, our team of experienced engineers can act as the support team you need to carry you from your machine’s concept phase, all the way through production.

Don’t get stuck in autonomous control development.  Take control with New Eagle’s control platform and transform your machine into an innovation driving tomorrow.

Developing an autonomous machine?

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