Get Up and Running

Engines need to operate within today’s challenging emission and safety standards. It is hard to develop an engine management system that meets these standards since these engine systems are so complex.

To solve this problem, we offer engine control systems that can be easily integrated and tailored to fit a variety of engines. Whether your machine’s engine is spark-ignited (SI), diesel, bi-fuel/dual-fuel, or low-pressure fueled, we have a safe, efficient, and fast control solution that’s right for you.

New Eagle Engine Control Solutions

Dual Fuel

Mixing two fuels for combustion, typically in a compression ignition (CI) engine, New Eagle’s Dual Fuel control solution uses a torque-based strategy to maximize the consumption of desired fuel source and the engine’s overall efficiency.

CI Engine Management

Ideal for compression ignition engine control development. This torque-based strategy is ideal for engines like rail fuel systems. Our control modules support both solenoid and piezoelectric injectors.


Ideal for for emerging alternative fuel engines, our bi-fuel solution controls the transition between two independent fuel sources like propane and gasoline. This engine management strategy can be integrated with our SI control for an easy, turn-key solution.

SI Engine Management

Featuring advanced control system algorithms that can be adapted to meet your advanced engine system requirements, our SI management system allows for quick ECU integration with nearly any spark-ignited fuel engine.