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It can be difficult to find reliable products that easily integrate into your machine. Custom control hardware can be risky, time-consuming and expensive to develop, while off-the-shelf components don’t meet your exact needs or translate quickly from prototyping to production.

With our validated, off-the-shelf components, you can get your design up and running without expensive tooling or volume requirements.

Our open controller platform for development, integration and testing uses model-based design techniques.  This platform helps you take control of your development with efficiency and reliability.

New Eagle is your trusted source for parts made right here in the United States.

EV Components

New Eagle is the source of OEM EV-HEV components from key motor/inverter suppliers including Borg Warner (Remy), UQM, YASA, Parker, RMS, Sevcon, many High Voltage (HV) options for Chargers and DC-DC converters, and accessories including coolant pumps, HV Air Conditioner and Heater options as well as our controllers and displays.
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An Electronic Control Unit (ECU) is the center of command for your machine. Without a powerful and reliable ECU, it can be hard to control the many parts that need to work together in your machine.  To prevent control problems down the road, we offer a variety of  trusted ECUs that range in pin count, input, output, memory, and processor configuration. If you need an ECU customized with embedded software for your machine, our embedded software engineers can develop a fully customized ECU for you.

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Data Loggers & Displays

Control Systems require the management of data and display (HMI).  New Eagle offers a platform solution for the collection and management of data, and display to an on-board or remote operator.

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Sensors and Actuators

It’s hard to get access to OEM quality sensors and actuators during your machine’s prototype phase of development, since many vendors only offer these parts in high-production volumes.  With New Eagle as your hardware supplier, we’ll help you access these sensors and actuators in the quantities you need to sustain your machine from prototype, through production.

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Telematics offerings are very common, but telematics solutions that work for you are not. Our Raptor Telematics offering is a flexible and extensible product that enables remote tracking and asset management through GPS and cellular data technology. With this connectivity to the end machine, you’ll have the gateway you need for remote administration of vehicles and data analysis.

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