Production-Ready, Customizable Electronic Control Units (ECUs)

Using New Eagle’s Raptor™ suite of embedded Model-Based Development (eMBD) tools, engineers can deploy an ECU that is affordable and scalable.
ECUs are one of the most integral components of your vehicle. As the brains behind everything electronic, your vehicle needs an ECU tailored to its unique demands. That's why we built our Raptor system to allow users to customize and program the ideal ECU for their latest project. Whether you’re building a prototype electric vehicle or preparing to manufacture a fleet of autonomous vehicles, we can provide the production-ready ECU to fit.

Our ECUs Are

Raptor’s open-ECU development environment allows engineers to utilize native blocks alongside Raptor blocks to get a head-start on a wide variety of projects, from Industry 4.0 automation to drone control systems.
With short lead times and volume-based pricing, our ECUs will allow your project to move as quickly and economically as a premier EV. And since we partner with tier 1 suppliers, our customers can use Raptor to build prototypes on the same ECU that will be used in production.
Combine the compliance and safety standards of an enterprise manufacturer, such as ISO 26262 and IP ratings, with the adaptability and flexibility of a boutique.


Autonomous Vehicles
Advancements in advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) are making powerful ECUs more important than ever. You can rely on New Eagle’s experience and tools to program ECUs that offer the reliability and stability your self-driving vehicle requires.
Military Vehicles
The US Military is continuously changing what’s possible for vehicles and heavy machinery and we’re proud to provide ECUs at the forefront of innovation.
Electric & Hybrid Vehicles
From converting a gasoline engine van to an electric one, all the way to creating an electric system for a 3-D printed car - we’ve developed ECU solutions for a wide variety of EVs and HEVs. The key is our EV Supervisor application model, a template for standard functions like startup and shutdown sequences, which saves months of EV development time.
Industry 4.0
As Industry 4.0 moves towards more and more automation, you need ECUs that can be customized to communicate with all of the moving parts in your supply chain or workflow.
ECUs aren't the only hardware that New Eagle provides.
We offer a robust selection of OEM- quality hardware including Sensors, Actuators, EV Components, HMI Displays, and more.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does New Eagle have a customer support team?

Yes, our customer support team is available to assist you Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm EST. We also offer premium support packages.

How do I order New Eagle ECUs?

Through the New Eagle Store or by contacting a New Eagle Sales Representative.

What language is used to program Raptor ECUs?

We utilize our Raptor suite of software tools which uses model-based design in Simulink.

What level of validation do New Eagle's ECUs have?

New eagle's ECUs are environmentally tested and automotive-grade. Each ECU has environmental ratings specific to its design.

What is the typical lead time for New Eagle's Raptor ECU line?

Prototype quantities (1 - 20) are in stock and ready to ship for most ECUs. Production-level quantities are available with a volume estimate.

Can New Eagle help me program my ECU?

Yes, New Eagle has several services that can offer assistance, including in-person or virtual Raptor training that covers the basics of programming with Raptor-Dev.
While our Raptor software tools make it faster and easier to develop, calibrate, and test embedded software - our engineering team is also available to support you. They can even lead the development process of your embedded system as a full-service solution.

Can New Eagle help me design and spec my system?

Yes! Through an engineering Phase 1 project, New Eagle engineers can help your team create your system architecture and bill of materials. In a Phase 2 project, our team will design your system, procure necessary components, perform system integration, and validate the concept with a prototype model.

Are Raptor ECUs ISO 26262 capable?

New Eagle offers several ECU options for projects that require ISO 26262, including the RCM112 and RCM80. In addition to ISO 26262 capable ECUs, New Eagle's certified engineering consultants can assess systems and develop functional safety concepts to help you meet ASIL ratings and ISO 26262 requirements.