Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Systems Solutions

At New Eagle, we offer the software, hardware, and engineering services proven to accelerate your electric or hybrid vehicle to market — without compromising design or ownership.
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Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Software

Software that enables quicker, simpler, and more robust electric and hybrid vehicle development.


New Eagle's vehicle controls development solution is our Raptor Software. In addition to Raptor-Dev, the Raptor Software Suite includes many tools, models, and libraries tailored to specific applications to further speed development, like the EV Development Platform.
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How It Helps Your Team Work

Proven to reduce costs by 50% and time to market by 75%
Supports controls development from concept to production to field service
Embedded Model-Based Embedded Development facilitates rapid development, easy testing, and quick calibration
Scales from a single user to an enterprise-level solution, while keeping controls teams small
Seamless extension of familiar Matlab/Simulink development tools

Electric Vehicle Development Platform

The Electric Vehicle Development Platform EVDP is an application layer software and set of tools that enable the rapid development of electric drive control systems through the use of validated controls strategies, component architectures, simulation, and Raptor eMBD.
For lightning-fast development of electric drive control systems tailored to your electric or hybrid vehicle, the EVDP is the ultimate solution.

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How It Helps Your Team Work

The Standard Base Model is a complete application layer for controlling EV or HEV powertrains
Custom configuration tools allow you to change architectures and select specific components
Verify performance with closed-loop simulation and develop new systems across teams simultaneously
Series Hybrid Library available for plug-and-play genset control strategies
Traction control, torque vectoring, and ADAS model add-ons are available

Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Hardware

Find every component your team needs to build a complete electric drive system, starting with the foundation — Raptor ECUs

Automotive ECUs

The brains behind your electric or hybrid vehicle, our ECUs pair with Raptor eMBD software to provide custom controls on production automotive hardware.
Our Vehicle Control Units (VCUs) are designed to provide the communication systems, processing power, and I/O you need to oversee all modern EV control functions while meeting functional safety and cybersecurity requirements. New Eagle VCUs are volume manufactured, fully customizable with Raptor-Dev, and pair with the Raptor EV Development Platform to speed the development cycle and support production.

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New Eagle EV Components

Complete control of your EV project without expensive tooling or volume requirements

World-class OEM EV-HEV components from suppliers including John Deere, Saietta, Sevcon, EMP, and Mitsubishi. Vetted by engineers at New Eagle and available at low volumes off-the-shelf, with short lead times or high volumes with a build schedule — giving your team the flexibility to work efficiently.

EV System Components Catalog

New Eagle leverages deep supplier relationships with world-class EV-HEV hardware OEMs to deliver nearly all the components needed to develop an electric vehicle system.

Our supplier agreements, logistic solutions, and engineering services combine to ensure supply chain safety, access, and support from prototype quantities through volume production. 

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EV Component Offerings:

  • Electric Motors
  • Traction Inverters
  • Transmissions
  • DC/DC Converters
  • Onboard Chargers
  • Thermal Systems
  • Power Distribution
  • Battery Management

Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Services

Turn-key builds of concept vehicles, complete vehicle system designs, and prototypes.

Phased Projects

Whether you need simple engineering support, want New Eagle to fully engineer your vehicle controls, or something in between — our Engineering Services can meet you where your project begins and see it through to the finish.
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Vehicle Integration Center

New Eagle's Vehicle Integration Center allows us to test vehicle development outside of simulations, on prototypes and turn-key builds.
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