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For over 11 years, New Eagle has modernized and maintained military machines with our Raptor platform, systems expertise, powerful tools, and a reliable supply chain of proven, production components.

We’ve supported projects for the US Air Force, Army, Marine Corps and Navy. Whether developing, integrating, or testing software, our powerful embedded model-based development (eMBD) tools on the open-source Raptor™ platform leverage commercially-available technologies well-suited for high-performance systems.

When paired with our reliable supply of commercial-grade components, Raptor enables faster innovation across defense systems of all kinds — and all with the flexibility to integrate solutions onto existing systems or technologies.

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Trusted for Proven Results

From modernizing systems to avoid obsolescence to supporting the development of all-new machines, see a few examples of the solutions we've delivered to help advance defense technology.  

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U.S. Army's Rough Terrain Cargo Handler

Raptor helped avoid expensive machine replacements with a solution that updated obsolete electronics.

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U.S. Air Force UAS Propulsion Control

Raptor is supporting faster UAS/UAV development with affordable, open platform solutions for next-gen weapon systems technologies. 

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U.S. Army Autonomous Ground Vehicle Standards

From engine control to drive-by-wire solutions, Raptor is playing a key role in developing standard-setting autonomous military vehicles.

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Electric & Hybrid Drive Train Systems

New Eagle’s electric and hybrid drive system solutions support electrification efforts in the air, on the ground, and in the water.

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Your Partner for Success

Our mechatronics specialists can support your team as much, or as little, as you need in your project in a wide range of areas:  system engineering, simulation, control systems, embedded software and hardware, vehicle networking, HMI displays, mechanical integration, project management...and beyond.

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Develop Control System Software with Speed & Confidence

Raptor’s tools and controllers make it easier to develop modular application software quickly. Since you also maintain what you develop, your project stays in your hands for more security and greater peace of mind.

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Commercially-Developed Components for Battlefield-Ready Systems

With New Eagle as your supply chain partner, you'll have an array of mass-market, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components at your fingertips, all in the exact quantities you need! Military-validated and designed to endure, these components offer the assurance of hardware that performs — even in tough combat situations or environmental extremes.

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Certified Expertise

New Eagle offers the assurance of an experience-backed partner for success. We’re SAM registered, JCP certified, and an official WBENC woman-owned business. We use a DCAA-approved accounting system, approved provisional billing rates, and have maintained Data Universal Number System (DUNS) compliance for years.


Seamless Scalability

Our open-sourced  alternatives to closed-architecture systems are designed to give you greater control over your project. In addition to reliable scalability, you'll enjoy fewer frustrating holdups and expenses if ever you need to make a system modification or update in the future.

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MOSA  Compliant

New Eagle's  electronic controls development process using Raptors meets the Department of Defense (DoD)'s requirements for a validated, Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA). This makes it easier to modernize systems and avoid end-of-life electronic obsolescence.

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