Raptor Training

Raptor eMBD Training

Raptor Training is an intensive three-day embedded model-based development (eMBD) course led by our team of expert system engineers. In this course, attendees will have hands-on experience to gain familiarity with the Raptor Platform by building, deploying, calibrating, and refining a real world control applications. As a result, attendees will have the ability to create their own applications using Raptor development tools and general Embedded Systems through Model-Based Controls Engineering.

Raptor eMBD Training Options

At New Eagle Headquarters

Visit our office for hands-on training course in model-based controls development. Training includes building, deploying, and calibrating a control application.

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At Your Location

New Eagle’s team of professionals will visit your worksite and provide your team with comprehensive, model-based control development training.

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Self Study

Train on your own time with our convenient, free online training video series. Online training requires an approved New Eagle Wiki account to access the training videos.

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Instructor-Led Online

We conduct the same three-day, hands-on class led by an experienced New Eagle Application Engineer, now offered online and at a reduced price.

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