Control Solutions, Engineered for ROI

Reduction in Development Costs
Decrease in Time to Market
Control of Your Project

Kevin Alley, Co-CEO

Speaking from our C Suite to yours, we know that our success comes from your profitability, and we’ve engineered a robust and flexible platform to drive your ROI. Our Raptor ecosystem can take programs from concept through production in the most profitable way for each customer.

Whether you:

  • need our hardware or have your own
  • have a controls engineering team or want to use ours
  • want completely custom controls or a jumpstart using pre-made models
  • meet robust industry standards or just need to develop quickly

And whatever your path, you maintain control of your IP.

Raptor - Embedded Model-Based Development Platform (eMBD)

At the heart of New Eagle is Raptor. Our production-ready open platform meets your project at every stage of development and expands what's possible while minimizing cost and risk.

"Raptor provides a 10:1 reduction in controls staff,"
Former Chief Engineer, Tier 1 Diesel Engine Supplier

How We Add Value

Embedded Model-Based Embedded Development facilitates rapid development, easy testing, and quick calibration
Scales from a single user to an enterprise-level solution, while keeping your controls team small
Open architecture enables company internalization of controls development and implementation

New Eagle helps your project stay up to date on industry standards and regulations, reducing risk and avoiding costly redevelopment.

ISO 26262 | ISO 9001 | IATF 16949 | ISO 21434

Raptor Hardware Integration

The Raptor Platform is compatible with our proprietary Raptor ECUs, as well as off-the-shelf, customized, and customer-supplied controllers.

How We Add Value

Provides flexible hardware options ranging from off-the-shelf to bring your own to custom-developed
Enables custom engineering and new features on production hardware
Meet your production, development, and end-user needs with off-the-shelf displays with integrated system controls.

System Engineering Support

Pair Raptor with New Eagle's end-to-end expertise and experience for a controls development one-stop-shop.

How We Add Value

Completely own development going forward with a full technology transfer
Accelerate speed to market with existing control strategies and designs
Over 100 unique systems electrified, from small to tens of tons.

Functional Safety & Cybersecurity

Raptor allows your team to have full oversight over safety and cybersecurity, while the team at New Eagle provides important safety guidance at the most critical stages of development.
Discover how the operators of Taiwan's largest rail system relied on New Eagle for safety

How We Add Value

Optimize your safety strategy with New Eagle consultation before and after Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment (HARA).
Integrated safety and security functionality helps teams meet safety and profit goals
Design for safety and security once. Raptor allows you to take full control from development to production

New Eagle Supply Chain

Outside of our proven Raptor Platform and New Eagle Development Engineering Services, we also ensure delivery and curation of the highest quality EV parts and equipment with our U.S.-centric supply chain— allowing your project to scale for production.

Coordination and Delivery of Product Samples

How We Add Value

We fully vet all suppliers and only source from authorized channels
We leverage our OEM relationships to obtain and test product samples

Management of Product Order Delivery and Quality

How We Add Value

As a full-service controls shop, we offer multiple product lines, centralized asset and lifecycle management, warehousing, custom kitting, labeling, and distribution
We are continuously conducting quality reviews of all suppliers to deliver the highest performance and reliability

Management of OEM Pricing

How We Add Value

We ensure competitive pricing by taking advantage of customer discounts and negotiated rates and even implement cost holds for specific timeframes

Find out how Raptor and New Eagle can transform your next IP project, making it quicker to market, safer, and completely owned by you.

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