The Basics

Getting Started

Set up your Wiki access with one of our specialists who can assign you a login and then guide you through our Product Wiki.

Product Wiki

Access and download our product datasheets, user manuals, schematics and other useful information for your solution.

Release Notes

Get up to date on the latest Raptor Release notes detailing the newest improvements, enhancements and additions.

Becoming an Expert


Attend our free webinars covering power user tips and tricks ranging from EV systems to Raptor by our engineering experts.

Online Training

Watch free training videos at your own pace anytime, anywhere with our convenient online series led by our Raptor experts.

Hands-On Training

Experience Raptor and embedded Model-Based Development (eMBD) with our hands-on training course to help you get to production faster.

Extra Support

Support Plan

Protect your investment with faster response times and in-depth service with our tier-ed software maintenance plans.

Support Portal

Sign-in to quickly access our self-service portal for our knowledge base, submit support tickets and track their status, or offer feature requests.


What is Software Maintenance and Why Should I Pay for It?

Need to Update Your Software Maintenance Plan?