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3 Clues that Raptor Cal is Right for Your Company

Melissa NewmanBlog, Raptor Software

Selecting the right calibration tool for your project—whether your application is automotive, hydraulic, or marine-based—is not an easy task. 

Many calibration tools tend to be overloaded with features that promise enhanced sophistication, making them too cumbersome to use. The result is often a long drawn-out process marked by frustration and delayed deadlines—not to mention a waste of resources and investment. 

Raptor Cal is compatible with all New Eagle Raptor ECUs and Displays, but so are other calibration tools like Vestor and INCA. How can you tell if Raptor Cal is the right solution for your company?

Clue #1 — You’re a minimalist

Design sophistication typically comes hand-in-hand with increased complexity. But a more complex interface introduces its own problems. Navigating your way through endless features slows down progress and bogs you down with too many options, making it harder to reach the tool you need the moment you need it. 

For most calibration projects, simple and clean programs make for a speedier, more streamlined workflow. So if you’re a minimalist who likes fast and easy access to all the calibration necessities, Raptor Cal may be the right solution for your company.

Of course, minimalism isn’t the answer to everything. But when it comes to EV development, Raptor Cal can give you a simpler, faster interface without sacrificing functionality or sophistication.

Clue #2 — You like running out of the gate 

When time is of the essence, being able to start up your calibration software quickly can have a big impact on your schedule. Designed for simplicity, Raptor Cal enables users to jump right in once it’s set up.

Teams using Raptor Cal don’t stumble through a steep learning curve. With features designed to be intuitive to developers with a wide range of calibration software experience, it requires little training. With the click of a few buttons, you can start calibrating right out of the gate.

Clue #3 — You don’t have an abundance of patience

Patience is a virtue, but not when it comes to getting your product to market. 

Any software platform you use for EV development needs to be powerful enough to process mountains of code, without sacrificing speed. Raptor Cal lets you connect your flash module automatically so you can begin calibrating quickly. You can also easily transfer calibrations by combining .RCAL and RPG files, compare unique calibrations at-a-glance, and instantly create transfer and comparison reports as easily movable text files so you can generate them on-the-go. 

Streamlined for speed

Raptor Cal operates seamlessly with New Eagle’s Raptor Platform suite of embedded model-based design software tools.  Raptor works with other calibration tools like Vector and INCA, but if you’re looking for a calibration tool that’s simple, easy-to-learn, and fast, Raptor Cal may be the best fit for you.

To talk about using Raptor Cal at your company, contact a New Eagle sales representative at [email protected] today. 

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