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3 Places to Use a VeeCAN Display as Stand-Alone Controller

Melissa NewmanBlog, Displays, Engine Control

Vehicles and people don’t speak the same language —yet. But they still need a way to interact with each other if they’re going to work seamlessly together. Feedback and communication are essential for greater control and overall end-user experience, and the technology designed to facilitate that feedback is getting better every day. 

New Eagle’s VeeCAN™ display lets you monitor, direct, and log real-time feedback from your applications. But it’s more powerful than just an HMI display. When combined with Raptor software, New Eagle’s VeeCAN display can be used as a stand-alone controller.

VeeCAN displays are gaining traction as controllers in automotive, marine, hydraulic, and engine applications. 

VeeCAN Display In Vehicles 

As we continue innovating cleaner, safer vehicles for our roads, we’re also inventing ways for drivers to have more control over their driving experience  — improving safety, functionality, and overall value. 

  • In personal and commercial vehicles, VeeCAN displays make excellent controllers for functions like lowering and raising windows, adjusting temperature, activating lights, monitoring speed, data logging, and running diagnostics. 
  • In vehicles that do more heavy lifting, a VeeCAN can be used to actuate dumping beds in trucks, adjust vehicle height, and maneuver snow plows. 
  • For RV adventurers, VeeCAN displays can be used to control lighting, extend and retract portions of your living space, and monitor battery charges. 

VeeCAN Display At Home and At Work 

At home, VeeCAN displays are great tools to better control temperature and air quality, grant and restrict access, and create environmentally-friendly mood lighting. So the displays are being integrated into digital thermostats, security systems, and lighting – and as a result, have a growing impact on our daily comfort and costs. 

The rugged VeeCAN display has been built for frequent use – perfect for daily functions. And for buildings requiring tighter security than the average residence, VeeCAN displays can be used to build durable password keypads that have more flexibility to control and monitor who’s coming and going. 

VeeCAN Display in Water Vehicles 

VeeCAN displays are available in a range of durability options, so application developers can suit their interactive displays to their environment.

Since the ocean is one of the most unforgiving environments in the world, any visual HMI display used to control water vehicle applications will need to be one of the most durable available. 

VeeCAN displays can be used as a marine dashboard. From this single point of control, the captain can adjust and monitor a host of functions – lowering and raising the motor, turning on water pumps, adjusting propeller pitch, monitoring depth, and more. 

Fine-tuned Control + Instant Feedback 

When you need to give people control of advanced functions and features, New Eagle’s VeeCAN display combines the power and flexibility of a stand-alone controller, with a human interface that puts the control in the hands of the user.

If you’re interested in learning more about New Eagle’s fleet of customizable Raptor VeeCAN displays, reach out to one of our knowledgeable sales agents