Ampere EV Transforms Vehicles With Atom Drive Systems

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What’s your dream car? James Bond’s Aston Martin? Herbie the VW Beetle? Doc Brown’s time-traveling DeLorean? 

Classic cars only have one problem nowadays—their fuel consumption. But thanks to Ampere EV’s Atom Drive system, nearly any vehicle can become electric. 

In fact, Ampere EV recently installed their system in a DeLorean DMC-12 (with a little backseat help from New Eagle) to show you just how this transformation works. Read on to learn how classic rides can really get back to the future with a little help from modern technology. 

What Is Ampere EV’s Atom Drive System? 

Engineering design and development company Ampere EV’s Atom Drive System is a one-stop solution for electrifying a vehicle. Ampere EV provides high-level engineering paired with simplicity, so you can easily convert any existing ICE vehicle, or build an entirely new vehicle, with a state-of-the-art electric drive train. 

With the Atom Drive System, you get: 

  • A pre-configured vehicle control unit (VCU) 
  • A modular battery pack 
  • A graphical user interface 
  • A complete low-voltage wiring harness 
  • A complete cooling system 
  • All required hoses, cables, connectors, and fittings 
  • Detailed documentation and installation instructions 

Combining their vision and engineering capabilities with New Eagle’s Raptor suite of development tools, Ampere EV has created a truly unique EV control system. By utilizing the New Eagle Electric Vehicle Development Platform, Ampere EV was able to leverage the power of the Raptor-Dev Development Tool and Raptor-Cal Calibration Tool to build and deploy their EV software platform onto the GCM196 control module. The result was the first turn-key, platform-agnostic, electric vehicle control system on the market. 

The Atom Drive VCU manages a variety of vehicle-level functions, component communications, and driver-vehicle interactions. Best of all, it’s ready to drive right out of the box, with no additional programming necessary. 

“There are many advantages to utilizing Raptor, but for us, one of the biggest is the OBD-II support. In the aftermarket space, no one else has this feature and Raptor was a huge part of being able to implement it. Other crucial features for us are the ability to easily perform drivability optimizations for new motors, startup and shutdown timing and behaviors, etc. Raptor has also been a key component in our CCS charging support and upcoming NACS charging support. Without the ability to manipulate the state flows and leverage the diagnostic capabilities of Raptor, it would have been exceedingly difficult to get functional level 3 charge support. To date, we are the only company in the aftermarket EV space in North America with that capability to my knowledge.”

– Blakely Fabiani, Chief Technology Officer, Ampere EV

What Can the Atom Drive System Do? 

Because the Atom Drive System is designed for simplicity, it’s perfect for DIY plug-and-play projects. Transform any classic car from gas to electric for a one-of-a-kind EV. Or adapt it for specialized, industrial machines. Anything that utilizes a spinning shaft can be converted for quieter operation and greater fuel efficiency. 

Where the Atom Drive System really shines is low-volume production. By simplifying the production process, manufacturers can get their vehicles to market faster—and with less stress. 

Top-Notch Low Volume OEM Production 

Low-volume production presents its own set of manufacturing challenges, but the Atom Drive System can alleviate some of those headaches thanks to its modular design and rigorous quality control. 

Rapid Development. The Atom Drive System’s modular components allow for rapid development of new applications. Developers can select from several existing options such as battery size and charging options. Plus, this modular design means quick development of new features. 

Testing and Quality Control. Ampere EV performs system-level integration testing on every system before it leaves their facility, so developers can spend less time worrying and more time focusing on engineering. Part of this high-level quality control is sourcing all new components for each system or producing components that are built and tested in-house. 

Because Ampere EV handles all the development costs and quality control for the Atom Drive System, OEMs can save time and money. Not to mention, it’s hard to put a price tag on peace of mind. 

Transform Your EV Development with Ampere EV and New Eagle 

At New Eagle, we take pride in our role as a key collaborator in Ampere EV’s achievements. As Ampere EV continues to redefine the EV landscape with the Atom Drive System, we invite you to explore the ways in which our collective expertise can elevate and expedite your own EV development projects. For inquiries on how our collaboration can benefit your endeavors, we welcome you to reach out to our teams today. Together, let’s navigate the path of progress in the ever-evolving realm of electric vehicles. 

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