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Why Automotive ICs Shortage Reinforces the Importance of ECU Supply Chain

Sarah O'HanianBlog, ECUs, Production Support

The electrification of vehicles is driving market demand for electronic automotive components, and Integrated Circuits (ICs) are no exception. The IC market value is predicted to more than double over the next eight years. But in 2021, there are major supply concerns.

The Challenges of Sourcing Automotive Integrated Circuits

Because of the design complexity involved in ensuring the quality and function of vehicles, automotive producers can’t trust just any manufacturer to meet their needs. Considering some of the operations ICs are responsible for, buying an ECU with a faulty component can certainly put driver safety and security at risk. 

Designing, reviewing and testing an IC with expert-level precision is a lengthy process, especially considering the extensive quality checks to make sure only workable chips are shipped. 

Because of those design, production, and demand challenges, it’s important to choose a supplier you can trust. They will be working with your trade secrets, and you also need to ensure they’ll meet your quality and timing needs.

Finding IC Suppliers

Good forecasting and looking for new sources can help you rise above supply challenges, but it simply may not be enough.

Building a strong working relationship with a supplier like New Eagle can ensure you have access to the parts you need. As we plan and manage our supplies of ECUs, we are constantly working with parts manufacturers to understand and secure hardware, or to find alternative sources when needed.

For smaller companies who don’t have much buying power and tend to place small orders, it can be difficult just to get the attention of a supplier. New Eagle’s ECU supplies can be especially valuable for small buyers, who can get more awareness from us than trying to work with suppliers directly.

New Eagle is a Reliable ECU Supplier

Despite the IC shortage, companies seeking ECUs can find the partner they need in New Eagle. We have relationships with a range of dependable producers to provide our ECUs, and have experience working with manufacturers to meet tough deadlines despite supply challenges.

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