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Drive-By-Wire Kits Widen Horizons for Production-Scale Autonomous Technology

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As autonomous vehicle technology continues its rapid advancement, more and more developers struggle to identify a platform bridging their autonomous command system with vehicular actuation that is easily scaled to production. While there are a number of research-geared solutions on the market, few offer the safe, automotive-grade components necessary for a seamless transition to production.

For developers serious about bringing their autonomous technology to market, a platform comprised of automotive-grade components, like New Eagle’s drive-by-wire kits, could prove the solution they need.

Drive-By-Wire Kits: Uniting AI and Automotive

New Eagle’s drive-by-wire kits allow developers’ AI systems to interface using ROS. Translating these ROS commands into CAN signals, the drive-by-wire kit delivers reliable control over throttle, brake, steering and shifting in production vehicles. Combining production, automotive-grade hardware with proven control software, New Eagle’s drive-by-wire kits offer developers a solution better-aligned to meet production requirements than research-intent alternatives.

Designed with Safety First

Designed by safety-certified engineers, all drive-by-wire kits include seven driver intervention overrides to ensure safe vehicle operation. From command, steering, throttle, shift, brake, and e-stop overrides, to an innovative “heartbeat” system that regularly checks for reliable connection between vehicle and autonomous command center, New Eagle’s drive-by-wire solutions are ideal, safety-focused platforms for advancing autonomous technology to production.

More Kits, More Possibility

With kits available for a growing number of production vehicles including the Toyota Prius, Chrysler Pacifica, Jeep Grand Cherokee, and Volvo Class 8 Truck, autonomous system solutions like the drive-by-wire aren’t just supporting faster and safer development–they’re expanding the horizons for real-world autonomous application.

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New Eagle’s drive-by-wire kits for production vehicles enable faster autonomous development on a reliable plug-and-play platform, supporting an expedited path to production for developers’ autonomous technologies.

From passenger mobility to fleet and off-road applications, autonomous advancement is now more accessible than ever with innovative control solutions like the drive-by-wire kit. Learn how New Eagle’s drive-by-wire kit could support your autonomous goals and path to production by discussing your project with our engineers. To see the drive-by-wire kit in action, watch the video below.


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