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Gasoline-CNG Bi-fuel Vehicle Conversion

Chris BeecherCase Studies, Passenger Vehicles

A customer was in the middle of developing four demonstration vehicles (BMW X3, Hyundai Sonata, GMC Acadia Denali, Ford Mustang) powered by a custom natural-gas system.  While the mechanical conversion of the vehicles from petroleum to natural gas was successful, the aftermarket control solutions for delivering the fuel did not meet the customer’s performance goals. With a marketing event on the horizon, the customer needed to resolve this problem, and fast.

Four months, four vehicles

With just four months until the event, New Eagle’s engineers designed, prototyped and tested a custom gas injection system that controlled the injection of compressed natural gas. With better control over the gas injection rate, the customer’s vehicles were able to meet their efficiency goals.

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Demonstrating success

At the end of the project, the customer was able to showcase all four of its working vehicles at its marketing event, demonstrating the flexibility of New Eagle’s custom electronics and software development capabilities while pointing to a future for bi-fuel CNG and gasoline technology.