Does Your Team Need Raptor-Test?

Sarah O'HanianBlog, Raptor Software

With New Eagle’s Raptor-Test, you can simulate a hardware-in-the-loop testing environment. Raptor-Test can give you deep cost savings, free up your labor resources, and accelerate your vehicle’s time to market. 

It’s a niche tool that some people find useful and others don’t need, so the following are four questions to determine how much your team would benefit from using this software.

1. Is the Raptor-Dev environment a good fit for your team?

Since Raptor-Test functions within the larger Raptor environment, you’ll first need to assess the merits of working in Raptor-Dev.

Raptor-Dev allows developers to quickly build custom software for Raptor-compatible controllers and displays, by using an extensive library of customizable Simulink blocks.  Using these blocks eliminates the need to know low-level coding logic – and makes your software development process faster and more efficient.

Raptor-Test increases efficiency even further. It’s a fully customizable time-based testing tool that can automate your manual testing processes, and replicate any process for which you’d otherwise use a calibration tool.

2. Will you benefit from fast automated testing in development?

If your team is spending a significant amount of time doing manual testing, Raptor-Test offers you a way to save on labor costs and reduce the number of engineers needed for a project. The software provides a script-based automated testing platform that’s supported by Raptor hardware products.

Raptor-Test lets your team create real-world testing environments. Then, you can build automated test scripts, or modify scripts you’ve created previously, potentially reducing your development hours on a consistent basis.

Download the Raptor Dev's Controls Foundation Library

3. Are you bound to a fast development timeline?

In addition to saving you money on labor costs and freeing up developer hours, fast automated testing can help you shorten your development timeline by days or even weeks in some cases.

If speed to market is important to you, you probably can’t afford the redundancies of manual testing. Automation is a must, and the fact that Raptor-Test can both aid in debugging and programmatically generate scripts quickly only adds to its value.

4. Will repeatability across multiple projects improve your bottom line?

Test scripts created for one project can be saved and reused (or modified) for your next one. So if your development team frequently works on similar projects, Raptor-Test can provide you with a repeatable process that might generate significant cost savings.

The software’s script-based environment is expandable from one project to another through the use of simple, system-level macros.

So, is Raptor-Test right for you?

If you’ve answered yes to two or more of these questions (including #1), you should connect with us to learn more about Raptor-Test.

Email [email protected], or call 1-374-929-4557 for more information.