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Jump Start Your EV Controls with our Supervisory Model

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When you’re building a new electric vehicle, the EV Supervisor is often the most crucial and time-consuming part of your design. The Supervisor is the primary control for the vehicle’s functionality.

Starting from scratch can be daunting, and the complications from so many details can put deadlines and budgets at risk.

Jump-Starting Your EV Controller

What if you could get a running start on your EV Supervisor by using an application model that gave you shortcuts to build out standard functions?  That would shave months off of your development time — and take dozens of mundane tasks off your plate.

That’s just what New Eagle’s software engineers have done, using industry best practices to develop a supervisor application model that includes startup and shutdown sequences, as well as control strategies for things like charging and torque requests.

The application model is available in the core Raptor model, making it easy to set up the many functions already embedded in our software. By using our application model, you start production at a much more advanced stage.

Facilitating the Creative Process

With the Raptor development environment, you get many of the advantages of custom software and hardware, with the cost structure of off-the-shelf parts.  That lets you focus your resources where they matter the most.  With our supervisory application model taking care of repetitive and rudimentary functionality, the features that make your EV project unique can get the majority of your team’s focus.

And with the Raptor platform, you control your IP rights and retain design control and flexibility.

Choose Your Electric Vehicle Hardware

When combined with Raptor hardware, you have a plug-and-play solution, ready to run typical control functions from day one.  Raptor hardware comes with the embedded software and uses Simulink, letting your engineers focus on high-level controls. 

If you’re using your own ECU, New Eagle can work with you to make it Raptor compatible, allowing you to retain all the existing benefits.

Focus on What Matters Most

The EV supervisory application model gives you short-cuts that can shave months off the time to develop an electric vehicle. There’s even an add-on for doing hybrids! With this tool on your belt, you’ll be able to focus on what makes your product shine.

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