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How New Eagle Helps You Control Your Intellectual Property

Sarah O'HanianBlog, Engineering Services, Production Support

If you have got a brilliant idea for a vehicle innovation, you don’t want to put the rights to that idea in someone else’s hands.

Maintaining control of your intellectual property (IP) is the right strategy for a project that you believe is unique and ground-breaking. It means you’ll have less competition when that idea ultimately hits the market, and you’ll have more flexibility to make adjustments and improvements.

Some outside help actually helps your competitors

There are companies that will agree to develop an idea on your behalf using their engineers. There are certainly advantages to this – these teams tend to be highly experienced and capable of completing the project efficiently.

The main drawback to this type of partnership is that you often have to agree to let that company retain ownership of your IP in exchange for bringing it to life. That means they can use what they learned from your project to help their other clients.

So, not only would you essentially be donating your IP to a partner, but you could actually give your idea to your competitors.

Owning your IP

New Eagle works differently. Rather than innovating on your behalf, we offer you tools that enable you and your team to do the developing.

Raptor, our embedded model-based software platform, offers you a library of customizable Simulink blocks that help you design software for Raptor compatible ECUs and VeeCAN displays.

Since your team will be doing all the design work, you won’t need to sign over the rights to us to get your project completed.

Developing Vehicles on the Raptor Platform. Learn how Raptor helps you take control of your vehicle development process from prototype to production. Download the eBook.

Protecting your IP

Not only will you retain ownership of your IP by working with New Eagle, but you’ll have better means to keep your project in the shadows until the vehicle hits the market.

Our Raptor software is all server-based, not cloud-based. Even New Eagle won’t have insight into any aspects of your design, unless you specifically choose to share something with us so that our engineering team can provide you with our top-notch support.

Get ready to innovate

New Eagle’s Raptor platform is user-friendly, and our engineers hold periodic training sessions to make its functions even easier to understand and execute.

If you believe the ability to retain your IP is crucial to your project, contact [email protected] today.