NEWLY RELEASED: Raptor-Dev2018b_2.2 (SP1) and Raptor-Cal 2018b_3.0

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As of today, New Eagle’s latest releases are Raptor-Dev2018b_2.2 (SP1) and Raptor-Cal 2018b_3.0! You can view the full details at software.neweagle.net. To get the summary, read on to quickly find out what we improved.

In addition to the releases, we’ve added details about our upcoming Raptor Training class. Register now to take advantage of our early bird special!
Raptor Versions Release Schedule

Raptor-Dev 2018b_2.1 (SP1)

  • Resolved issue with Standard Fault Manager Fault Status Block Use With Iterator
  • Updated GCM80 CAN Baud Rate Configurability
  • BCM48 CAN3 message transmission on power up
  • BCM48 Wake Source Configurability Enhancements

Raptor-Cal 2018b_3.0

  • Improvements for calibration of Fault Manager for Motohawk ECUs
  • Handling of BitField variable types for MotoHawk ECUs
  • Handling of Exponent field on variables for Motohawk ECUs
  • Resolved issue with automatic uninstall of prior version during new installation
  • Several Usability Improvements in Charting & Transfer/Compare Cals

For more information about these latest Raptor updates, read the Raptor Release Notes.

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Using a throttle body controller project as a guide, you will be introduced to Raptor-Dev in the MATLAB/Simulink library by creating a model intended for a target piece of hardware. You will then use Raptor-CAL to flash the compiled software onto the hardware and to make live calibratable adjustments on the flashed ECU.

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