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Should I Work with a Single Partner on my Electric Vehicle?

Sarah O'HanianBlog, Electrification, Production Support

When it comes to bringing an automotive product, like an electric vehicle, to market in today’s competitive environment, it’s key to produce a dependable model on time and on budget. That means manufacturers need to eliminate risk, meet consumer demands, and push into the uncertain future of mobility.

A design team that brings together multiple teams can benefit from a broad skill set, but it also poses a series of challenges that slow the process down. Engaging with a single partner reduces much of the hassle and focuses on what’s most important: the design.

Here’s what working with a single partner does to help producers in developing an electric vehicle integrated solution.

Ensures Elegance in the Design of your Electric Vehicle

If you’re planning to work with multiple partners for your electric hybrid development team, you’ll have extensive coordination efforts from day one. Making sure everyone is on the same page will be a full-time job, and anything that gets lost in translation can put the entire design in jeopardy

Like in any project, each element of an electric vehicle has its own deadlines to meet. Connecting those deadlines across partners can mean giving people “responsibility without authority” – requiring you to more closely manage the whole project.

Pushes the Pedal to the Floor

A single project team can hit the ground running. In addition, if you choose a partner with the right development environment, your solutions can begin at a more advanced stage, and your team can get up to speed on the software quickly.

Creates Harmony in an EV Integrated Solution

Growing complexity brings growing risk, and this is especially true today for electric vehicles. Systems that are complex on their own, must integrate into the overall system and operate well together to ensure that the vehicle is safe and dependable.

Involving multiple partners in developing an integrated solution means project teams will spend extra time and resources making sure components work together. By leaning on the expertise of a single partner, a manufacturer can have confidence in a seamless functionality. 

Puts EV Manufacturers in the Driver’s Seat

When working with a single partner, manufacturers have more control throughout the process. Without multiple parties engaging in every aspect of a design, project teams will benefit from the flexibility to quickly adapt when changes become necessary, and they inevitably will. It also allows for manufacturers to be much more involved in their design, rather than being sold to or pushed in different directions.

Working with a smaller, dedicated design team means better protecting trade secrets and intellectual property. With competition at an all-time high, this kind of control is essential.

Trust a Single Electric Vehicle Partner, Trust New Eagle

For manufacturers to remain relevant in today’s turbulent market, the choice is clear. Working with a single partner on your design and reducing complexity means limiting risk, and bringing your vision to life faster in a fraction of the time.

New Eagle’s project teams are ready to get started. Our experts know what it takes to work with manufacturers, and efficiently produce an integrated solution. Contact the electrification experts at New Eagle to learn how you can turn your electric vehicle vision into a reality.