raptor 2019a release

What to Expect from Raptor™ 2019a

Chris BeecherBlog, Raptor Software

Coming this week, our Raptor™ dev team will publish the Release Notes for the next major Raptor™ release, Raptor 2019a. See below for what improvements have been made. Plus, get the recap from the MathWorks Automotive Conference, learn more about upcoming Raptor training opportunities, and find out great ways to stay up-to-date with New Eagle events and the latest Raptor enhancements.

What’s New with Raptor 2019a

Raptor 2019a brings key improvements to Raptor-Dev, Raptor-Cal, Raptor-CAN, and Raptor-Test. Here’s what to expect: 

Raptor-Dev 2019a
  • BCM48: CAN queue improvements, EEPROM driver enhancements, added Duty Cycle measurements for frequency inputs
  • GCM/ECM196: enhanced Application Monitor functionality, added redundant EEPROM capability, CAN2/3 robustness fixes, added J1939 support
  • GCM80: CAN queue improvements, CAN messaging fixes, added J1939 support
  • Displays: Updated default EEPROM storage logic, startup display improvements
  • Enhanced support for third-party calibration tools
  • Fault Manager enhancements
  • Improvements to the DBC CAN message blocks

View our Raptor-Test regression reports for the Raptor-Dev 2019a_1.0 release here.

Raptor-Cal 2019a
  • Transfer-Cals improvements
  • Stripchart autoscaling
  • Additional settings for compatibility with J1939
  • Resolved issues with Fault Manager support for Motohawk ECUs
  • Stability and performance enhancements
Raptor-CAN 2019a
  • Support for multi-bus simulation
  • Floating-point simulation precision fixes
  • Gateway function tool will now pass through new messages after initialization
  • Installer robustness improvements
  • Licensing updates
Raptor-Test 2019a
  • Improved initial ECU connection time
  • Added support for GCM70 and GCM80
  • Added additional script actions (Reflash, VerifyRunningSoftware, CANChannelUpdate)
  • Fixed enum variable handling
  • Custom plugin interface enhancements
  • Improved RPG file version migration
  • Licensing updates

Note: To access the latest updates, you’ll need to have a maintenance plan that’s up-to-date. Get started with purchasing a maintenance plan through our store.

MathWorks Automotive Conference Recap

At the end of April 2019, New Eagle made its debut appearance as an exhibitor at the MathWorks Automotive Conference in Plymouth, Michigan. There, we shared information about embedded model-based development with Raptor™, an official MathWorks Partner product, while demonstrating our latest Raptor autonomous control solution, our drive-by-wire kit for the Chrysler Pacifica.

mathworks conference picture

You can see the drive-by-wire kit in-action on our YouTube channel and check out photos from the Mathworks Automotive Conference on Instagram.

Get Trained on Raptor

For new Raptor users, Raptor Training is one of the best ways to learn the fundamentals of embedded model-based development using the platform.

In this three-day, hands-on course, attendees create real-world applications using Matlab/Simulink and Raptor™, crafting models with Raptor-Dev, generating code, programming an ECU, and calibrating in real time.

This program is ideal for control system, application, and embedded software engineers, as well as technical program managers.