picture of the series hybrid class 8 truck

Series Hybrid Class 8 Truck

Chris BeecherCase Studies, Commercial Vehicles

When Walmart decided to build a vehicle that demonstrated an alternative-fuel powertrain, it conceptualized an advanced on-highway hybrid Class 8 truck. This truck–what would one day become the Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience (WAVE)–would feature a series-hybrid powertrain and a flexible-fuel micro turbine generator.

But to transform its visionary vehicle into a reality, Walmart needed help developing the complicated control software and electric powertrain architecture. New Eagle was hired to assist.

Architecting the Future

New Eagle’s team began by designing the WAVE’s complex electric powertrain architecture. Using its rapid-development tools, New Eagle quickly created a working system. Next, it built a custom interface into the WAVE’s microturbine controller, which facilitated the proprietary protocol over a serial interface

Results and Impact

The result was a truly unique vehicle that met the original customer’s expectations and inspired their own customers and employees alike.

Software for Safety

With custom software created by New Eagle, Walmart was able to manage the startup and shutdown sequences of the WAVE’s microturbine and hybrid components. In addition, New Eagle’s software monitored the vehicle’s component limits, driver commands and energy management, allowing the WAVE to operate safely and efficiently.

Clean Shipping With Hybrid Class 8 Truck

By working with New Eagle, Walmart was able to transform the WAVE from an idea into an innovation. New Eagle’s rapid development tools allowed Walmart to meet its timeline goals and showcase how green technology can be leveraged on-highway for cleaner shipping.

You can learn more about New Eagle’s hybrid architecture design and EV supervisory software by contacting the New Eagle team.  To learn more about the WAVE, check out the video below.