The Raptor Nugget — an Invisible ECU Accessory

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Imagine someone places two identical ECU modules in front of you. The person tells you that the two modules are different somehow, and challenges you to discover the difference. You look the modules over, but nothing marks one as being different from the other.

They decide to give you a hint. “One of them has the Raptor nugget,” they say. Helpful, right?  You look them over again, but still, nothing jumps out.

So where’s the Raptor nugget? Or, perhaps first we should ask…what is it?

What is the Raptor nugget?

The Raptor nugget isn’t a thing that you can observe – which is why you can’t tell if ECU modules have the Raptor nugget just by looking at it. 

Essentially, the Raptor nugget is a piece of data that defines the ECU module as being compatible with Raptor Dev software. It’s like a digital key that unlocks the module’s ability to run Raptor Dev. Without the nugget, you can’t develop your control software in Raptor Dev.

You could purchase the hardware without the Raptor nugget, but the amount of time you’d waste writing complex code would likely drive your development deadlines out the window. To paint a picture, it would be like buying a computer because you want to play video games – but first, you’ve got to write the code for Windows so you can install and play the game. 

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The Raptor Nugget’s advantages

One of the best ways to fast-track your EV development process is to take advantage of out-of-the-box solutions – like the kind you get with the Raptor Nugget. Electronic vehicle technology is advancing every day, which means that you don’t want to start from square one with every new project. 

Out-of-the-box solutions are designed specifically to help you move development forward with the least amount of friction and complexity as possible. It does this with…

Less coding 

Complex systems require complex control algorithms. Writing that much code would be incredibly time-consuming, not to mention frustrating. The Raptor Dev open-ECU development within Simulink makes it easy to build custom software even for the most sophisticated and modern vehicle systems while requiring less manpower, experience, and expertise (…and headache medicine).

Drag and drop blocks

Raptor’s library of Simulink blocks provides a drag and drop solution that makes customization speedy and simple on modules that are Raptor Dev compatible. You can use Raptor Dev blocks or native Simulink blocks to rapidly customize controllers and display hardware using a simple one-click automated building process. 

The base library includes the most essential blocks including application monitoring, CAN, configuration, input and output, and data storage. It also includes a display library for configuring display hardware. For electric vehicle developers, the EV supervisor library add-on can save months of EV development time.  

Fast track to production

If you’re rethinking your supply chains, the fewer physical components you need to involve in the process the better. Raptor ECUs are cost-saving prototyping tools that help you speed up time to market by cutting out the need to remake your code on a separate piece of hardware.  You can develop and prototype on the same ECUs you’ll take to production.

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