New Eagle Offers Advanced Raptor Training Courses

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New Eagle is expanding its training beyond the basics. Our legacy Raptor Training, now known as Raptor Training 101, is a three-day intensive course led by the expert system engineers at New Eagle. Through a five-part curriculum, trainees build the skills that will grant them facility with embedded Model-Based Development (eMBD).

Like any entry-level course, Raptor Training 101 serves as a foundational introduction to an elaborate subject. To provide our customers with training and education on the more advanced concepts within the field, we’ll now be offering Raptor 102, Raptor 201, and Raptor 202 courses as well.

Raptor Training 102 – Intro to VeeCAN Programming

A VeeCAN is a rugged ECU that features a touch screen display or physical buttons and acts as a Human-Machine Interface (HMI). Because of this nuance, developers must understand both the basics of programming a Raptor-compatible ECU, and the process of programming the VeeCAN’s visual display.

Raptor Training 102 aims to train developers on the latter, and open their eyes to all the advantages of working with a VeeCAN. After all, the module is useful for prototyping, production, and field applications, and if your components use CAN, it’s plausible to run your whole system using an HMI in place of a normal ECU.

Raptor Training 201 – Advanced Training

MATLAB/Simulink, Raptor-Dev, and Raptor-Cal all come with a variety of advanced built-in tools that can help users streamline their development process and add high-level value to their software. 

Raptor Training 201 focuses on several of these tools, including OBD fault management and technical development libraries like UDS and Controls Toolbox. Your team will also get additional hands-on training with Raptor-compatible hardware.

Raptor Training 202 – Advanced VeeCAN Programming

A VeeCAN development roadmap is conceptually simple on the surface, but designing a user-friendly interface is complex and important.

Raptor Training 202 illuminates several development complexities, and educates developers on how to use the advanced VeeCAN programming tools available in Raptor-Dev and Raptor-Cal to address them. 

By the end of this course, trainees will have the ability to develop a user-friendly display with design cues that guide the vehicle operator to the proper use of the HMI.

The Head Start Your Team Needs

Having advanced programming skills in your team will streamline your development process and get your vehicle to market faster.  

Many can benefit from these courses, but they’re best suited for control system engineers, application engineers, embedded software engineers, and technical program managers. If you want to enroll yourself or your team, reach out to [email protected], or call (734) 929-4557 to learn more.


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