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4 Intriguing Uses for Electric Vehicles

Sarah O'HanianBlog, Electrification

In an era of vehicle hybridization and electrification, New Eagle is helping bring many new EV ideas to life.  And there are some amazing things that EVs can do – things we have never had our vehicles do before.


1. You can power your home with an EV

Back in February, the city-wide power outage in the greater Houston area forced many Texans to suffer as they went without hot water and indoor heating for days on end.

Yet one man from the town of Katy had a solution, thanks to his Ford F-150 Hybrid truck. 66-year-old Randy Jones was able to use his vehicle as an electrical generator to power his home for several days, helping to keep his freezer food frozen and his lights on.

2. Or, your EV could be your home

The COVID-19 pandemic prompted many campers and wanderlusters to adopt a nomadic way of life, living entirely out of their specialized camper vans and RVs.

This trend, known as #vanlife, coincided with an avalanche of 2020 announcements about new electric vans and RVs from at least 13 major manufacturers, prompting Gear Junkie and some similar media outlets to declare an electric van revolution.

The trend is more mature in Europe, where nomads are enjoying the benefits of a mobile life with comfortable electricity around the clock—and no carbon emissions.

3. EVs can crush rocks

Historically, one of the challenges of mechanical rock crushing has been the fact that fuel costs eat up a significant portion of the profits.

Now that fully-electric motors have exceeded the power threshold necessary to crush boulders, the crushing industry is getting a significant boost. In fact, New Eagle has already helped some of our partners develop these machines.

4. An EV can accelerate 0-60 in under two seconds.

One of the biggest benefits of EVs is their torque potential. That potential has been actualized by Tesla and similar companies, whose vehicles can reach 60 MPH from a dead stop in just over three seconds.

A converted 1968 Ford Mustang is pushing even that impressive feat.  Tuner Mitch Medford’s electric drag car was able to go 0-60 in a reported 1.94 seconds.

New Eagle can help you get an EV to market quickly.

Thanks to the efficiency of our Raptor-dev platform, our powerful hardware, and the experience of our engineers, New Eagle can accelerate your EV’s time to market.

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