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January 2020 Raptor™ News 

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The latest release of Raptor 2019b includes a number of improvements to Raptor’s powerful software tools. If your software maintenance plan is up-to-date, you can access the latest features and improvements today at software.neweagle.net.

Software isn’t all to celebrate this new year, though — with comprehensive support, on-site Raptor training offerings, and a growing selection of all-new OEM controllers coming soon to our hardware lineup, taking control of your next project is getting easier—and more reliable—than ever this 2020! 

Configuring Software to Use Wake-ON-CAN or Wake-ON-LIN

Normally, Raptor™ Electronic Control Units (ECUs) support the capability of awakening in response to a voltage on the ignition or wake line, typically identified as ‘WAKE_INPUT1’ on the datasheet.  However, some Raptor ECUs support the capability to configure the unit to wake on another environmental stimulus, such as an incoming CAN message or a change on the LIN bus. This capability can be used in many application situations, such as to wake up internal controllers when the vehicle door is opened.  To learn how, read our step-by-step Raptor Power User Tip and download our sample model. 

New Automotive-Grade Raptor™ Controllers  

Raptor’s growing suite of automotive-grade products is making it faster and easier to bring technology to market with production-scalable platform solutions. From controlling actuators to managing data and displays, explore our lineup of new ECUs below to find one with a pin count, input/output, memory, and processor configuration that’s right for your project. To order or request additional assistance, contact [email protected].

GCM 48

Manufactured by our one of our world-class ECU supply partners, the GCM48 features a capable variety of inputs and outputs for control, along with 6 CAN channels in one compact unit and the capability to work as a LIN slave with 3 LIN channels. It is available for pre-order,  with the first volume units available in February 2020. 


GCM 96

Available for pre-order, this cost-effective general purpose controller is ideal for EV applications, featuring ASIL-B capability. Able to work in 24V systems, it provides 4 CAN, 1 LIN  and includes CAN-FD capability along with a capable CPU.

gcm 96

GCM 112 

The GCM 112 is ideal for  Autonomous Drive-By-Wire, Electric-Hybrid, and Intelligent Machine control applications. It features 5 CAN buses, 3 LIN Masters, 2 Ethernet channels, and a variety of configurable discrete inputs and outputs — ideal  for applications that require advanced performance, timing systems and functional safety capabilities! With a high-performance CPU, multi-core architecture with a companion safety power system basis chip, it supports the highest level of functional safety (ASIL-D). To pre-order yours, contact [email protected].

gcm 112

GCM 121

This powerful general purpose control module is perfect for applications that require advanced performance, timing systems and functional safety capabilities. It has a broad communication capability with 4 CAN buses, 2 LIN buses, and 1 Ethernet bus. Pre-order yours today by contacting [email protected].

gcm 121


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