4 Ways New Eagle Can Help You Develop Autonomous Farm Equipment

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The development of autonomous farm equipment is already ushering in a new era of agriculture, and demand is expected to grow significantly over the next decade.

According to one recent study, the global market for autonomous farm equipment will expand at a CAGR of nearly 10%. Autonomous tractors, harvesters, and even agriculturally purposed UAVs are proving to be a game-changer.

New Eagle can help you capitalize on this growing market in several ways.

1. We sell you reliable rugged hardware that helps you scale.

Our line of Raptor-compatible ECUs allow you to program using model-based design, shortening your development timeline and dramatically reducing the potential for human error in programming.

In addition, Raptor smooths the transition from prototype to production by allowing you to develop your controls software on the same ECU that you will take to production.

Developing Vehicles on the Raptor Platform. Learn how Raptor helps you take control of your vehicle development process from prototype to production. Download the eBook.

2. We use telemetry metrics to help with fleet management.

Raptor-telematics, New Eagle’s Raptor-compatible telematics platform, empowers your fleet with remote tracking and asset management capabilities through the use of GPS and cellular data technology. For more detailed information, visit this page.

Like other Raptor libraries, the Raptor-telematics library contains a package of easily customizable Simulink blocks that are fully compatible with Mathworks’ C code generator.

3. We use pre-built drive-by-wire kits to give your project a head start.

In many cases, New Eagle already has an off-the-shelf DBW kit that can help automate the vehicles you’ve chosen for your fleet. 

Our engineers have designed kits for applications ranging from street sweepers to off-road construction vehicles, and they’re adding new ones constantly.

4. Our eMBD tool, Raptor, helps you get to market faster than ever.

In addition to the Raptor-telematics library, our Raptor platform also grants you access to pre-built Simulink block libraries for calibration, controls foundations, UDS blockset support, and much more.

Working with these highly customizable blocks eliminates the need to code in C, and saves your team the tedious labor of designing commonly used blocks from scratch.

New Eagle also has a host of tools that help you get to a simplified code base as efficiently as possible, enabling you to cut additional weeks off your development timeline.

Capitalize on the growing demand for precision farming.

The future of farming has arrived, and industrial farmers are learning that they must adapt.

Contact sales, and learn more about how we can help you get your project off the ground.