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New Eagle is Your One-Stop, Production Shop For OEM Hardware

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Establishing trusted relationships with major original equipment manufacturers (OEM) can be an overwhelming task for those looking to acquire parts for smaller, lower volume projects. Even when these relationships begin, collecting the integration information necessary to develop a system is tedious and can significantly slow down a project’s timeline. If you’re developing low volume projects, the inability to establish these types of relationships is frustrating.

This is where New Eagle can help you. Our well-established relationships with major OEMs can supply you with the production hardware and integration details you need to develop your project. Whether it’s a low budget concept project or high-volume production program, get access to what you need starting on day one of your development project. If you’re still thinking about cultivating your own relationships with automotive suppliers, learn about the necessary steps you’ll need to take.

Developing Relationships with OEMs

Major suppliers strive to deal with Tier 1 or high-volume production programs since they guarantee high rewards. These companies are designed to handle continued, high-volume programs, like fleet management or high-level commercial vehicle distribution. If you’re able to support a consistent supply of components from these manufacturers then great! If you can’t, then they won’t have the time or resources to develop a relationship with you.

Once you do get the conversation going, the legal steps you must take to get the relationship off the ground can be costly and time consuming. Why? Because these relationships require more than your average Non-Disclosure Agreements, which, in and of themselves, are already extensive for these suppliers.

Multiple Production Parts from a Variety of Manufacturers

After establishing the legalities, the next step is to research all the available parts and figure out which ones will work best with your system. However, your complex system has multiple parts. How are you going to ensure that every part of the system can communicate with one another? You must go to each vendor and gather all the detailed product and software integration information for each part.

Consider how difficult this could be when procuring products from multiple different vendors. Especially since not many standard distributors supply this necessary documentation.

Work with a Trusted OEM Distributor

New Eagle PartnersThere is another option to cultivating your own relationships with automotive suppliers. Work with an establishment who already has those relationships in place. Here’s where New Eagle can help you. Over the years, we’ve cultivated relationships with a variety of OEMs, doing our due diligence to promote trusting relationships that benefit you. With this trust in place, we receive a consistent supply of components from these manufacturers for distribution and integration. This allows us to support both fast-paced, low budget concept projects as well as high-volume production programs.

As a trusted distributor, we have years of experience working with lower volume projects as these OEMs will often send us referrals. We act as the liaison between suppliers, such as John Deere and BorgWarner, and non-Tier 1 companies such as yourself. As another benefit, certain vendors, like Mitsubishi, only supply their products to our distribution team.

New Eagle is Your One-Stop, Production Shop

new eagle datasheetsWhen purchasing through New Eagle, all relevant information will be right at your fingertips. We have taken the time to not only navigate these supplier relationships for you, but to also gather all product information for external distribution. With an NDA in place, access all of our product’s data sheets, CAD files, .dbc files, etc. on our Product Wiki or Product Guide regardless of the original manufacturer. If we don’t have the information, we can leverage our relationships with these OEMs to get it for you.

Are you not certain which hardware you’ll need? We have you covered with our experienced sales and engineering teams. They can work with you to figure out which components will integrate best with your system. By working with us as your one-stop, production shop, we can also provide you with

  • Insight during your project’s earliest stages.
  • Strategy in mass production.
  • A supply of high-volume, production components.

Now, do you still want to cultivate your own relationships with Tier 1 automotive suppliers? Or, would you rather save time and money with New Eagle’s one-stop, production shop? We can offer you the same ruggedized, off-the-shelf hardware tailored to suit a variety of applications. Should you need additional assistance in getting to production, we offer consultation services and a software tool platform called Raptor™. Email [email protected] to start this conversation with us. We’re here to assist you.