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5 Benefits of Using Raptor-Dev’s Controls Foundation Library

Sarah O'HanianBlog, Raptor Software

Raptor-Dev is a collection of virtual libraries. These libraries provide an amalgamation of highly customizable Raptor blocks on the Simulink backbone.

Developers can use these blocks to engineer software for Raptor-compatible ECUs and HMIs. As vehicle electrification continues to take over the market, Raptor-Dev’s Controls Foundation Library stands out as an increasingly valuable resource.

The Controls Foundation Library houses blocks designed for Signal Processing and Characterization, General Controls Development, and Fault Management. Here are the top five benefits of working within this library.

5. It helps you get your vehicle to market faster.

Having access to a number of pre-built and pre-tested Simulink blocks means that software developers don’t have to start from scratch. This head start eliminates the need to understand the low-level concepts necessary to manage controller hardware.

This concept isn’t unique to the Controls Foundation Library or Raptor-Dev. But the user-friendly nature of Raptor-Dev (and the fact that New Eagle offers training for it) can accelerate your development timeline.

4. It reduces development costs.

By eliminating the necessity to make commonly used block sets, a company can reduce the overhead of the labor spent. This allows for a faster time to market. Additionally, a company may find that the number of developers required on the project is reduced, providing valuable cost savings for development.

Beyond that, working with blocks reduces the number of developers you’ll need for your project, simplifying development and creating additional cost savings.

3. The blocks are designed by engineers, for engineers.

New Eagle engineers work to high technical standards, and a company can quickly take advantage of it to gain market leverage. These blocks are designed to be easy and intuitive to use. In addition, our team is continuously gathering feedback, which they use to generate new blocks and modify existing ones.

New Eagle also offers hands-on training and an array of product support options, which can facilitate greater efficiency within your team.

2. New Eagle lets you look under the hood and customize blocks.

This is a rare offering in the embedded model-based development (eMBD) industry, and one that can give your team a notable edge. Most Simulink block libraries hide the inner workings of those blocks from the developer.

The Raptor-Dev Controls Foundation Library lets you see into the process of each block, and discover exactly how it gets from A to B. From there, you can also adjust or rewrite entire sections of the code and effectively custom-tailor the block to your software’s exact needs.

1. You’ll retain your intellectual property rights.

In contrast to some companies, New Eagle doesn’t mandate that we build software on your behalf and take ownership of your IP (though we offer that service if you prefer it).

Instead, we empower you to build it yourself, on your own servers, where nobody has access to it except you and your team.

If you’re trying to be the first to market with an innovative idea, the last thing you want is to have that idea shared with (or even owned by) a third party.

The New Eagle Edge

The Controls Foundation Library in Raptor-Dev is just one example of how New Eagle thinks outside the box to give our customers a competitive edge. Learn more about Raptor or contact sales.

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