Six Reasons the RCM112 Stands Out From the Pack

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If you haven’t met New Eagle’s Raptor RCM112 yet, it’s time to get to know this powerful, all-purpose ECU. Designed to pack a punch, the RCM112 can handle just about any controller task, whether you’re designing a smart car or a Class 8 semi-truck.

Why is RCM112 in a class of its own? Here are six reasons.

1. RCM112 is ASIL-D capable

Under ISO 26262, ASIL-D is reserved for operational situations with the highest level of risk. We designed and manufactured the RCM112 specifically to satisfy these stringent functional safety standards.

Our safety architecture includes ASIL-D-capable microcontrollers, system basis chips (SBC), and operating systems. RCM112’s fail-safes, monitoring, and security make it a smart choice for safety-critical advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

With RCM112, rest assured that your vehicle project can meet the highest safety standards out there.

2. RCM112 is cybersecurity capable

Cybersecurity is a growing concern as more and more cars become networked. ISO 21434 provides a standard framework to secure vehicle systems from attack throughout a vehicle’s lifecycle – from concept, through development and operation, to decommissioning.

Choosing the RCM112 helps developers meet these rigorous standards for risk assessment, safeguard implementation, and test hardware and software components. 

3. RCM112 has five CAN FD channels

Controller Area Network Flexible Data-Rate (CAN FD) moves more data quickly and reliably between systems. With five CAN FD channels – each one supporting Standard or Extended IDs – you get optimum communications capability for a range of applications.

The faster data rate enabled by the RCM112’s CAN FD channels makes this ECU ideal for use in EV and hybrid powertrains and ADAS for passenger or commercial vehicles. CAN FD speeds up ECU flashing and helps increase security against hackers with authentication protocols.

4. RCM112 offers a 2-wire ethernet

Automotive ethernet provides lightning-fast data transmission, perfect for functions like diagnostics, calibration, and in-vehicle communications. This kind of speed also allows developers to generate advanced features for safety, autonomy, and functionality.

Our commitment to cybersecurity continues to shine here. Automotive ethernet provides solid encryption to transmit messages safely and securely, keeping your vehicle’s hardware and software safer from cyber threats.

5. RCM112 has an onboard 6-axis IMU

The RCM112 contains an inertial measurement unit (IMU), to track your vehicle’s acceleration and velocity with six distinct outputs for Accelerometer (X, Y, Z) and Gyroscope (X, Y, Z). The IMU integrates with GPS-based navigation and tracking systems. 

These measurements are also crucial for ADAS or autonomous applications, where the IMU must provide accurate data on the vehicle’s location and orientation.

6. RCM112 has a real-time clock

Last but not least, this ECU contains an internal real-time clock to keep accurate track of time even if the power supply is off or in low-power mode. Real-time systems are critical for functional safety, and a real-time clock can measure and deploy systems – like an airbag – in milliseconds.

An ideal ECU for your next vehicle project

The RCM112 is packed with features to ensure your vehicle prioritizes safety, security, and impeccable communication. Reach out to our sales team today to find out how the RCM112 can be the bedrock of your next project.