rcm80 and rcm112 electronic control modules

Top Practical Applications for New Eagle’s RCM80 and RCM112

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New Eagle has launched its own line of original ECUs. Designed and manufactured internally to meet rigorous automotive standards, these Raptor Control Modules (RCMs) come with powerful versatility. The RCM80 and RCM112 are built for functional safety and carry supply chain security, all while leveraging the benefits of Raptor (New Eagle’s signature Embedded Model-Based Development [eMDB] software).

Working with these Raptor Control Modules can greatly expedite your development of vehicle and machine control systems. Here are a few ways they can be incorporated into your design.

The RCM80

The RCM80 is a medium-sized ECU with various inputs (39) and outputs (40). It was designed to handle purpose-driven computing and is slightly less powerful than the heftier RCM112. It’s great for a wide variety of supervisory control applications and has some interesting niche uses.

EV battery management system

If your vehicle uses Parent/Child configuration for battery management, the RCM80 can serve as your parent ECU. This is where it shines the most, although it can be used as a child ECU as well.

Smaller supervisory controls

The RCM80 was purpose-built for medium to small-size control needs. Thanks to its compact size, it’s easy to integrate into your design.

Chassis controls

If you want to manage a litany of chassis controls like windows, mirrors, or exhaust flaps with a single ECU, the RCM80’s I/O capabilities are qualified for the job.

Auxiliary controls for recreational vehicles

The RCM80 is an excellent choice for water treatment, propane management, air conditioning, and a host of other electrical controls typically required in recreational vehicles like motor homes and yachts.

The RCM112

The RCM112 is a large, all-purpose ECU that can handle just about any controller task you could imagine. It has 45 various inputs and 40 outputs, and comes packed with robust features and big processing power.

All-purpose VCU

This is the hallmark purpose of the RCM112, which was designed specifically to be a viable replacement for the GCM196 that New Eagle has sold for years. It can serve as a vehicle supervisor for anything from a smart car to a Class 8 semi-truck.

ADAS and autonomous controls

The RCM112’s 4 sensor power outputs allow for redundancy and make it a great choice for autonomous braking and pedal control. The RCM112 is also ASIL D capable, making it ideal for advanced driver assistance systems that are safety critical, like pedestrian detection and adaptive cruise control. 

State-of-the-art central communication gateway

With Broad-R-Reach 2-wire ethernet, 5 CAN-FD channels, and 2 LIN Channels, the RCM112 makes a powerful and secure central communication gateway for any vehicle.

Replacement for multiple RCM80s

The RCM112 has robust processing power and extensive I/O, making it a suitable replacement for two separate RCM80s. If you want to simplify your design, you might consider replacing any pair of medium-sized ECUs with a single RCM112.

Which RCM is best for you?

Still, wondering which of these two advanced ECUs is the best fit for your vehicle’s design? We’re ready to help you with your decision.

Email us at [email protected] today, and learn more about the new RCM80 and RCM112, as well as our Raptor development environment.