Why New Eagle is your Secret Weapon For Faster Production of EVs

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Here at New Eagle, we’ve been in the business of electrifying vehicles for more than a decade. In that time, we’ve worked on some pretty sweet machines – from vintage cars to race cars. And not just cars – we’ve also made electric boats, off-road trucks, and even developed an electric rock crusher.

Our engineers and designs are poised to speed up your project with decades of collective hands-on experience.

A broad range of solutions and support

No two projects and no two clients are the same. That’s why New Eagle caters to the level of support you need. Which type of client are you?

“Walk me through it”

For first-time EV clients that want to learn the ropes or clients who just want a more hands-off approach, we offer a phased engineering project. This walks you through every step of the process – starting with gathering information about what you want to achieve.

Once we know your goals, there are four phases: 

  1. Architecture & Requirements (System Definition), 
  2. Concept Validation (Prototype),
  3. Design Validation (Reproducibility)
  4. Product Validation (Production) 

Each phase has a checklist of objectives, required artifacts, and additional optional artifacts to ensure communication goes smoothly and you stay in control.

“I have a concept”

If you feel more confident about your project but are looking for support to improve your implementation, New Eagle’s Supervisor Application Model is a perfect fit. This model provides you with software with ready-to-run controls and diagnostic strategies gleaned from hands-on expertise.

Our Supervisor Application Model also comes with support hours from our engineers if you have questions. With this tool, you can shave up to 9 months off your EV development time.

“I’ve got this”

If you’re already in your wheelhouse and need minimal support, our Raptor-Dev software platform is a good fit. This platform is ideal for developers looking to create custom Raptor-compatible software on their own. With access to pre-built model-based development libraries, clients experience reduced software complexity and faster EV development.

Control over your IP

When you partner with New Eagle, you don’t give your design ideas away to your supplier so they can develop them for you…and then own them. Rather, we give you the tools and support to develop your ideas, and you keep control of your intellectual property.

Functional safety acumen

Industry standards and regulations can feel opaque and overwhelming, but they’re necessary for your project’s success. Worried about ISO 26262?  New Eagle’s engineers are well-versed in functional safety, and we offer several ECU design options if your project requires ISO 26262.

Let’s talk

Let’s face it: EV production is complex. That’s why having an experienced team on your side can make all the difference. New Eagle is ready to help you take control of your EV project – and take it up a notch – so you can hit the pavement faster. Contact our team to schedule an introduction call.