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How New Eagle Can Help You Win the Race to an Electric Truck

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The market will have its first pure electric truck within the next five years. GM is known to be developing a fully electric Silverado, and Ford recently announced plans for the F-150 Lightning.

Still, it’s anybody’s guess as to who will be the first company to get an EV truck across the figurative finish line.

Consumers everywhere are looking forward to the pure power that this class of vehicles will have to offer. Electric trucks will come with levels of torque, towing power, and regenerative braking that most fossil fuel-powered trucks can only dream of.

Simply put, the brand that gets its EV truck to market first could earn a windfall of sales from excited buyers. Here’s how New Eagle can help you win that race.

We connect you with suppliers of parts that are difficult to find.

Sourcing parts for EVs can be an arduous and time-consuming mission. In the case of an EV truck, the challenge is even greater.

For instance, even the most experienced manufacturers might have trouble finding an electric motor that’s both strong enough to achieve impressive torque and on a secure supply chain.

Getting your hands on gearboxes, battery packs, and the all-important EV supervisory controller can be equally difficult, especially with so much of your competition scouring the market for the same things. Even something as seemingly simple as an AC unit can be surprisingly tough to secure.

New Eagle has relationships with suppliers who can get you the parts you need reliably. And we can help you figure out how they integrate with your design.

We have the experience to help you see the road ahead.

New Eagle has been in the EV space for over ten years, and we’ve helped dozens of brands get their electric vehicles to market. We’ve also helped build several Class 8 trucks.

While EV trucks are a newer frontier, the same core principles apply to the development, production-part approval, and manufacturing processes associated with them.

New Eagle’s extensive experience can give you a major advantage in the race. We can help you spot potential pitfalls ahead, and seize opportunities at the right time.

Download the EV/HEV Feasibility Guide

We have a full inventory of model-based design displays.

New Eagle’s lineup of VeeCAN displays offer custom graphics and data logging capabilities, effectively empowering the driver to communicate directly with a vehicle’s ECU.

VeeCANs can be a great addition to any EV truck design, but they’re also especially useful for the prototyping process. They can help the driver monitor several parameters at once, making them valuable in EV development and during field testing.

Ready, set, go.

Several OEMs are in development for future electric trucks at this very moment. But these companies have famously long development timelines, so if you start now, you may still have an opportunity to beat them to market with your own pure EV truck.

Contact our sales team to learn more about how New Eagle can give you an edge in this exciting race.