Autonomous Mobility Insights: Navigating Industrial Transitions in 2024

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By now, it’s clear that the COVID-19 pandemic had an unprecedented effect on all areas of our lives. Remote work and video conferencing became the new normal. Dress pants and high heels languished in the back of the closet. Usage of food delivery apps skyrocketed.

And we’ve also seen a major shift in the autonomous vehicle landscape. 

New Eagle has been keeping an eye on these changes over the past three years, marking the shift from research-focused development to business-oriented progress. Research funding has become more scarce and companies are increasingly focused on their ROI. This has translated to fewer vehicles built from the ground up and more companies converting their existing fleets.

Heavy-duty, commercial, and industrial vehicles are a big part of this shifting landscape. Keep reading to learn how autonomous commercial vehicles may dominate the industry in the next few years.

Autonomous Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Roboshuttles, trucks, and buses are among the top vehicles making a play in the heavy-duty commercial space. 


Roboshuttles, in particular, reap the advantages of operating on fixed routes. Many companies around the world are in various stages of trials and some are on the verge of driverless deployment. We’re likely to see rapid development, especially for roboshuttles, when these trials are complete.

Autonomous Trucks

Long-haul trucks present a compelling case for automation. The trucking industry grapples with staffing shortages amidst increasing demand for haulage, sparking interest in autonomous solutions. Fortunately, the operational environment of long-haul trucks mitigates deployment challenges. Extensive stretches of open highway, devoid of pedestrians and characterized by predictable traffic flow, pose simpler problems for automation compared to urban settings. Industry experts estimate we could have fully autonomous trucks on the road by 2027.

Autonomous Buses

Fully autonomous buses, on the other hand, are a longer-term prospect. With buses operating in densely populated areas close to pedestrians, companies are continuing to utilize drivers and conventional controls during trial settings. Expect drivers to remain at the wheel, if only in a supervisory role, for years to come.

Autonomous Off-Road Vehicles

For off-road vehicles, the future is here. Companies the world over are taking full advantage of driverless technology to make their mining, construction, agricultural, and industrial operations safer and more efficient. 

Autonomous Mining Vehicles

The mining industry, in particular, is facing increased pressure from consumers who want responsibly sourced materials without endangering workers. Autonomous unmanned equipment reduces the risk of injury to workers who no longer need to enter hazardous areas. It also cuts down wear on equipment, like tires and brakes, and increases overall productivity. 

Autonomous Construction Vehicles

The construction sector enjoys similar benefits by embracing autonomous technology. Fewer humans in the driver’s seat means increased safety for operators, reduced emissions, and greater efficiency. Particularly with more construction start-ups embracing robotics and autonomous vehicles, we can expect more changes in this industry in the coming years.

Could Autonomous Vehicles Revolutionize Your Industry?

While the benefits of utilizing autonomous vehicles are becoming more apparent by the month, building them from scratch is far more costly and time-consuming than converting existing ones. That’s why New Eagle offers a selection of drive-by-wire kits to make the changeover easier, no matter your industry. In addition to the most popular applications of our kits, they’re perfectly suited for heavy-duty, mining, and construction vehicles—anything built on hydraulics. Our robust hardware paired with our Raptor software platform can get your fleet converted and back to work in record time.

Prepare for Your Autonomous Future With New Eagle

With the autonomous vehicle landscape shifting from research to commercial and industrial, New Eagle is positioned to make that shift seamless. Reach out to our experts to explore our current selection of drive-by-wire kits or design a kit perfectly suited to converting your existing fleet.

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