How to Choose Your Perfect ECU Hardware Path

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When your next design requires an electronic control unit (ECU), there are several approaches to consider. For some applications, off-the-shelf hardware is the quickest and most cost-effective path, but some projects may require customized hardware and IC boards tailored to meet their exact specifications. New Eagle offers three general hardware paths with varying levels of flexibility:

  1. Off the Shelf
  2. Bring Your Own ECU
  3. Custom Hardware

Which ECU options will serve you best? Let’s take a deeper look.

1) Off-the-Shelf Options

If you’re looking for a simple, out-of-the-box solution for your ECU, take a look at what we call the “open ECU.” We offer several Raptor ECUs sourced from reputable suppliers like Bosch and Delphi. Their open architecture makes it easy to develop and implement controls in-house with New Eagle’s Raptor embedded Model-Based Design (eMBD) platform. Although this option doesn’t offer as much flexibility in terms of hardware customization, it’s fast, scalable, and cost-effective.

Here’s a glimpse at three of our off-the-shelf ECUs:


This Raptor General Control Module (GCM) is just what it sounds like: a general-purpose controller. The GCM48’s 6 CAN channels and small size make it a perfect gateway controller or vehicle supervisor for small-medium mechatronic systems.


Our GCM196 controller’s Infineon Tricore processor makes it one of our fastest modules. Plus, it’s capable of safety-critical applications. This ECU has been tried and tested in 100s of production vehicles. Its large amount of IO and communication channels makes it a great EV Supervisor among many other applications. 


The GCM111 is the latest addition to New Eagle’s off-the-shelf ECU lineup. Designed to operate in 12V systems, the GCM111 has extensive I/O, 3 CAN FD channels, and 1 LIN channel, making it a great option for applications that require high performance with CAN FD and LIN connectivity.

2) The Bring-Your-Own Option

You may already have an ECU selected for your project. In that case, we will explore what modifications or customizations are possible with your preselected ECU and our Raptor software. At New Eagle, we call it “BYO-ECU” (bring your own).

This option offers a perfect midrange of flexibility between the hardware you have and the advantages that the Raptor platform provides.

3) The Custom Option

New Eagle’s line of self-made Raptor controllers provides the highest degree of flexibility. Raptor Control Modules are available off the shelf, but because we’ve designed and constructed these RCMs, we can also easily modify them to your specific project requirements without starting from scratch. 

Take a peek at three of our bespoke RCMs:


The M47 is a UAS propulsion control module, a part of the Raptor embedded Model-Based Design (eMBD) controls development platform for cruise missiles or UAS systems. Although the M47 was designed for turbine or internal combustion engines, it can also be used as a general-purpose controller where the IO matches the system’s needs.


One of the stars in our lineup of Raptor rugged production controllers, the RCM80 has 4 CAN buses, 1 LIN bus, and numerous configurable discrete inputs and outputs. It was designed to handle purpose-driven computing and it is a good option for medium supervisory controllers, battery management systems, chassis controls, and more


As a general-purpose control module, the RCM112 fits the bill for just about any controller task you could imagine. Its 45 inputs, 40 outputs, 5 CAN FD channels, and Ethernet make it perfect for applications with high cybersecurity and functional safety requirements.

A Flexible Pathway to Finding Your Perfect ECU

When it comes to selecting your ECU, you’re weighing a lot of considerations. Check out our ECU Selection Grid to learn more about our options.  Whether you need an off-the-shelf solution right now, already have a controller, or you want the full customization of a bespoke module, we’ve got you covered. 

Reach out to our sales team today to choose the best ECU for your next project!