Meet the Mitsubishi AC Compressor, the Perfect High Volume AC Solution for EVs

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At New Eagle, we know how important development time is for EV projects. 

And that worldwide supply chain issues have been frustrating developers for a while now. That’s why we host our very own online EV component webstore, so you can browse our in-stock selection and get the perfect part.

In stock right now? A Mistsubishi electric air-conditioning compressor that’s a perfect fit for any electric vehicle. 

What is the Electric Air-Conditioning Compressor?

An Electric Air Conditioning Compressor (EAC) is used in high-voltage systems in hybrid, electric, or fuel cell powered vehicles. It compresses and circulates refrigerant to provide cooling – whether that’s for cabin comfort or vehicle components. And the more efficient your EAC, the lower your vehicle’s carbon impact.

This Mitsubishi electric AC compressor is smaller, lighter, and more efficient because the engineers at Mitsubishi reworked its inverter control system, optimized its scroll specifications, and modified its conventional compressor’s internal structure pretty significantly.

Smaller, Lighter, and More Efficient

When Mitsubishi set out to reengineer their conventional compressor for the next generation of vehicles, their aims were to reduce the overall size and weight of the component. By mounting the inverter in the axial direction instead of the radial and paring down the size of several electronic components, they’ve managed to reduce the motor weight by 0.9 kg and the length by 36 mm.

This size and weight reduction matters a lot for an EAC; these upgrades significantly improve the compressor’s efficiency. An electrically driven compressor requires several kilowatts of power, which affects fuel and electrical efficiency, especially at low and medium speeds. 

With enhancements to the inverter and the scroll specifications, the EAC achieves a 10% improvement in efficiency compared to the conventional model.

Pretty impressive.


Mitsubishi’s electric AC compressor is designed for electric and hybrid vehicles, and it’s particularly well suited for hybrid electric vehicles. Most hybrid vehicles share a common engine with gas-powered vehicles, so there’s high demand for an electrically-driven compressor that can be mounted in the space that would otherwise hold a belt-driven compressor.

For EVs or HEVs, the EAC is also critical to keeping components (like the battery) cool during use. Of course, customers want to be able to crank the A/C during those steamy days of summer, but keeping components cool matters year-round.

If you want to get up and running ASAP, our Raptor EV Development Platform comes with a prebuilt model-based software library targeting the Mitsubishi EAC in addition to many other common EV system components.

Communication Interface Options

New Eagle offers this EAC in two versions to provide your project with the communication protocol it needs. The MI-EV36BNK communicates via CAN (Controller Area Network) and the MI-EVH33x uses the LIN (Local Interconnect Network) bus for communication. 

Start browsing for your next off-the-shelf part.

Mitsubishi’s EAC is smaller, lighter, and packs a bigger punch than its conventional compressor, which may just make it a perfect fit for your next vehicle project. Be sure to check it out in our webstore, along with a slew of other components ready to be shipped out!