Speed Up Your EV Development With Raptor and CarSim’s Cutting-Edge Integration

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Some things go better together. They’re great on their own – but when you put them together…get ready for magic! 

New Eagle’s recent collaboration with the Mechanical Simulation Corporation is the latest addition to that list. We recently joined forces to integrate Raptor and CarSim software platforms. With this integration, you get the best of both worlds with model-based control systems development tools and dynamic simulations.

By combining the power of these two tools, engineers can unlock a new level of sophistication in vehicle design development, and testing. Most importantly, you can get your EV or HEV project to market quicker, safer, and more reliably. Read on to learn how.

Raptor’s Electric Vehicle Development Platform

Our Raptor software is, at its core, embedded Model-Based control systems development and calibration software. Our new Electric Vehicle Development Platform (EVDP) provides an advanced starting point for an electric vehicle supervisor with common control strategies for EV applications.

With the EV Dev Platform, you can verify your project progress and performance with closed-loop simulation testing before you even begin integrating your hardware – making development much speedier. Plus, our decomposed model architecture with common repositories and subsystem libraries simplifies the entire development process.

CarSim’s Detailed Dynamic Insights

Mechanical Simulation Corporation’s CarSim, a leading vehicle dynamics simulation software, allows engineers to model and analyze vehicle behavior in different scenarios and conditions. This is a critical component of development as you test for safety, stability, and comfort.

CarSim fits hand in glove with our Raptor EVDP so that engineers can gain insights into a vehicle’s dynamics, performance characteristics, and active safety systems. They can then fine-tune any parameters to improve behavior and safety.

Putting It All Together

New Eagle and CarSim’s powerful software tools combine the best of advanced control systems development with sophisticated vehicle dynamics simulation. Best of all, they can co-simulate. By running both programs simultaneously, you get a completely comprehensive analysis of your vehicle’s behavior. These symbiotic programs exchange data in real-time, allowing engineers to see how control strategies impact vehicle performance.

Using the data received in simulation, engineers can fine-tune control algorithms and test again. In addition to ensuring a safe driving environment, you can also maximize vehicle performance for fuel efficiency, handling, and ride quality.

What This Collaboration Means for Developers

First and foremost, this integration means you can conduct tests using realistic scenarios in a virtual environment. All sorts of things can impact vehicle behavior: from road conditions and environmental factors, to the driver of the car or truck. With Raptor EVDP and CarSim’s integration, you can quickly see how these factors play out and take steps to mitigate and eliminate potential issues.

No more costly and time-consuming physical prototypes to test. Now, you can iterate and adjust quickly in a virtual space. Faster testing and iteration means more room for innovation and advancement.

Design, Develop, and Test on a Whole New Level

With two powerhouse software platforms working in tandem to streamline your development and testing process, you can shave months off your time-to-market. And you can feel confident in the safe, smooth driving experience you’ll be delivering.

Want to learn more? Reach out to our team today.