Data Logging Made Easy

New Eagle has an in-vehicle data logging solution to make CAN data logging easy.

The VeeCAN 320 (VC320) data logger matched with Raptor-CAN allows a user to collect and view raw CAN or Analog data. The VC320 reads and – most importantly – displays data traffic, thereby allowing you to verify whether the device is wired correctly, or whether the sending unit is operating.

New Eagle Data Logger setup image with Iggy

Further highlights include:

  • Data stored on an easy to move USB memory stick that is transferred to your PC for viewing via Raptor-CAN or conversion to your favorite tool.
  • The rugged VC320 is now available with 2 CAN bus channels and optional analog inputs.

Download our Data Logging white paper here or contact us with your requirements.

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New Eagle Wins the Best of MichBusiness Award

We’re thrilled to announce that New Eagle has been honored with an award from MichBusiness!

New Eagle Consulting has won the Best of MichBusiness award in the Technology Guru category for 2017! This award is part of the MichBusiness Milestone Series that “[honors] and [celebrates] the heroes throughout the statewide business community that are blazing trails of their own on their journey through business.” The industry-wide awards are given to businesses of varying sizes, from big to small, and are judged based on past year’s growth, community impact, and industry impact in Michigan and around the world.

New Eagle Best of MichBusiness Winners Logo

The meaning behind this award touches on the core of our values here at New Eagle. Teamwork, passion, excellence, charity, and integrity guide the work that we do and help us remain focused on our mission of helping clients take control of their project with our custom control systems and experienced engineering services. These values are what drive us in our mission to impact our community and industry not only in Michigan, but globally.

For those unfamiliar with MichBusiness, it is an organization powered by the Michigan Business and Professional Association. It hosts educational and networking events, as well as programs that have positively impacted over 150,000 businesses in Michigan in the last three decades. For more information about Michbusiness, visit its website.


Engineering Tomorrow: How New Eagle is supporting Next-Gen EV Engineers

picture of the university of Wisconsin madison electric hybrid team

The field of electric and hybrid systems engineering is a young and emerging one. At New Eagle, our team is proud to support the research and educational institutions that help develop both the next generation of technology in this field, and the next generation of engineers.

wisconsin hybrid uw madison's electric vehicle
Wisconsin Hybrid’s converted vehicle runs on clean, green electric power.

New Eagle’s sponsorship of the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UWM)’s hybrid electric vehicle engineering team, Wisconsin Hybrid, is just one of the ways we honor our corporate commitment to our foundational values of charity and excellence, while supporting our vision of building a better world through efficient technology.

Wisconsin Hybrid modifies stock vehicles with innovative new technology to improve vehicle efficiency and demonstrate the application of advanced electric powertrains. They have been awarded five national championships and four runner-up titles in the Advanced Vehicle Technology Championship series.

image of a new eagle inverter in wisconsin hybrid's ev
A New Eagle inverter helps Wisconsin Hybrid’s EV run efficiently and safely.

One of their most recent projects involves converting a 2009 Ford Escape into a two-mode electric vehicle capable of all-wheel drive operation for off-road driving and two-wheel drive operation that maximizes on-road efficiency.

New Eagle supplies key hardware components that help the team accomplish projects like this, and also also serves as a financial supporter of the team.  We are proud to help Wisconsin Hybrid drive innovation in the EV field while furthering the education of young engineers.





Affordable Fuel Injection Wins SEMA Award, Iggy Makes Appearance

We’re excited to share that our friends at Affordable Fuel Injection won an award at the 2017 SEMA show!

Iggy - AFI booth SEMA 2017
[Iggy] the eagle has landed!
Congratulations to Affordable Fuel Injection for winning the SEMA Global Media Award for their Optimum EFI Series Ford 3.3 Self-Tuning System!

According to AFI, their winning system “is specifically designed and built for the 60’s and 70’s level Ford I-6 engine…[it] features easy installation with minimal interruption to the stock set up.”

Stop by booth #23317 at the SEMA show in Vegas today or tomorrow to check them out – just like Iggy did!

Green vehicles in Africa: how New Eagle is shaping EVs in Uganda

In Uganda, Africa, a team of engineers at Kiira Motor Company (KMC) is pioneering clean, green energy solutions for transportation using New Eagle’s Raptor™ software tools and hardware supply chain. With New Eagle, KMC successfully developed Africa’s first plug-in hybrid sedan, the EV SMACK, as well as its first solar-powered bus, the Kayoola Solar Bus.

When KMC needed a fast, efficient and reliable way to develop the control systems for its EV sedan, New Eagle offered the opportunity to assist. New Eagle sent a team of engineers to KMC’s worksite, where they introduced Raptor™ ECU-based rapid prototyping.

KMC’s EV SMACK, a green vehicle in Africa developed with New Eagle’s Raptor™ control platform.

With New Eagle’s intuitive software tools, KMC’s team was able to translate complex designs into customized strategies and algorithms that controlled the powertrain and vehicle electronics for the SMACK. With this customization, KMC was able to take control of the vehicle’s energy management, powertrain control and vehicle diagnostics to create an efficient, safe and reliable electric vehicle.

When KMC began developing its solar bus, the software algorithms it developed for the EV SMACK were able to be adopted, despite differences in hardware for the two machines. Since Raptor™ model-based development eliminates the need for complete algorithm rewrite, KMC was able to develop the Kayoola solar bus quicker and easier, saving time and resources in development.

In addition to providing control software solutions, New Eagle is a key hardware supply chain partner to KMC as it grants the company access to reliable, production-ready hardware components like accelerator pedals, display units, connector kits and production grade harnesses that are not readily available in Uganda.

new eagle raptor display installed in a green vehicle in africa
New Eagle’s Raptor™ Display module installed in KMC’s EV SMACK.

New Eagle is a proud, continued supporter of KMC and the work it does to realize a shared vision for a cleaner, greener and more efficient world.