Summer 2018 News – Autonomous Solutions, Trade Shows, and a New Office

drive by wire pacifica by new eagle

Spring has sprung, and things are heating up here at New Eagle as we roll into warmer summer months at our headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan. With a new autonomous solution, office, and trade shows on the horizon, summer at New Eagle is looking bright!

Introducing the Pacifica Drive-By-Wire Kit

We’re excited to announce the release of a Raptor-based autonomous solution—the Chrysler Pacifica Drive-By-Wire (DBW) kit. 

This kit is the complete hardware and software solution, giving you plug-and-play control of throttle, brake, steering and shifting on a production vehicle using production (rugged and safe) hardware.

We’re Going to Germany

Join us at the Autonomous Vehicle Technology World Expo on June 5-7, 2018 in Stuttgart, Germany! New Eagle will be exhibiting in booth AV1015 alongside Ann Arbor SPARK and our partner, 3E-motion. You can register to attend for free. We look forward to discussing our newest Raptor-based autonomous solution with you there!

The Nest is Growing

Our newest office location just outside of L.A., California is now open! In addition to expanding our offices, we’re also expanding our team. If you’re hoping to launch or further your career, consider a position at New Eagle. Our WBENC-certified, MichiganBusiness Award-winning workplace is driven by values, making it a great place to work, learn and grow.  Explore open positions, or contact us for more information about career opportunities.

New Eagle Team

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Flying Boats: How New Eagle is helping Cedarville University’s Solar Boat Team Soar

new eagle is a proud sponsor of the cedarville university solar boat team

In Cedarville, Ohio, a group of university students is trying to get the Netherlands. But unlike many students who travel there for a boondoggle abroad, this group is going with a purpose: to compete in the 2018 international solar boat competition, Solar Sport One.

The Cedarville University Solar Boat Team has developed a unique, solar-powered boat that the team believes will prove sharp competition its rival, international entrants. Why? Unlike many other solar boats, the Cedarville solar boat has the ability to fly.

Featuring a dual-propeller system and a unique set of underwater wings called hydrofoils, Cedarville University’s boat can lift itself out of the water and reach higher cruising speeds.

“The hydrofoil system essentially makes the boat act like a plane, in that small wings mounted on struts below the keel allow the hull of the boat to ‘take off’ out of the water,” stated team member Elijah Thompson. “If the system is functioning as intended, we should see takeoff speeds of around 13.4 mph and be able to cruise between 22.4 mph and 33.6 mph.”

cedarville boat team race
A member of the Cedarville University Solar Boat Team competes in the a sprinting event at the U.S. Solar Splash competition in 2015.

With New Eagle’s Raptor software tools, the Cedarville Solar Boat Team successfully developed the custom flight software needed to execute this unique task. Marrying this custom software with Senix ultrasonic height sensors, a Lord inertial measurement unit (IMU),  Parker’s CM0711 control module, a VeeCAN 320 visual display and a CAN serial network that  links components together, Cedarville’s team created an innovative electronic system that is as powerful as it is reliable.

Raptor has enabled us to push forward with increasingly sophisticated electronics and control systems. We use Raptor primarily for programming the Parker controllers and VeeCAN display in the boat, which allow these components to interact via the CAN bus with each of the boat’s subsystems.  It also provides an interface for the driver, and a log of critical signals and data,” remarked Andrew Nelson, the lead electronics engineer on the team. “New Eagle’s Raptor-CAN software helps us monitor CAN traffic and interpret the CAN data in our log files.  We are grateful for New Eagle’s partnership and are excited for future developments in our controls using Raptor products.”

cedarville university solar boat is built using new eagle's raptor tools
The Cedarville University Solar Boat Team developed an innovative boat that uses hydrofoils to lift the craft out of the water. This allows the boat to sprint and cruise faster.

While the Cedarville team might have its eyes set on a win in the Netherlands, it remains dominant in its home country at the U.S. Solar Splash World Championships. Its key to success? A lightweight craft that uses Parker and VeeCAN products programmed with New Eagle’s Raptor software to marry two drivetrains–“sprint” and “endurance”–into a common system.  In doing this, Cedarville’s team minimizes its craft’s weight, while maximizing  its speed.

Though Cedarville’s team gets its kicks from competitions, its end-goal is to educate students through real-world projects that prepare them to enter the engineering and systems engineering industry.

“There’s no guarantee of winning or even doing well in competitions. The task is honestly that hard,” states Brown, “but the degree of design sophistication and manufacturing skill put into the boat and its system by the students, their advisors and their sponsors is truly amazing.  We are all much richer for the things we’ve learned and the experience we’ve been through.”

New Eagle is proud to support educational programs that further the field of systems engineering, like the Cedarville University Solar Boat Team. You can check out other educational projects New Eagle has sponsored, like the Wisconsin Hybrid-Electric Team, Kiira Motor Company and Eva Hakansson, on the New Eagle blog.


Spring 2018 News – Raptor-Dev Lite, Videos, Work Truck Show

Work Truck Show Electric Truck

We’ve pushed our clocks forward, poured an extra cup of coffee, and are soaring into spring (and the year’s second quarter!) here at New Eagle. Check out what we’ve been up to in the last few months!

Have you tried Raptor-Dev Lite?

Raptor-Dev Lite is our new free, trial-version of New Eagle’s Raptor-Dev. It’s the perfect way to try our Raptor-Dev software before you buy it. To get started with Raptor-Dev Lite, contact our team today.

Explore our updated video library

Whether you’re new to Raptor or a long-time user, our Raptor video tutorials are a great resource to help you get the most out of Raptor.

We suggest starting with our broad overview of Raptor-Dev, the software development tool in the Raptor control platform. After you’ve learned about Raptor-Dev, check out how you can use it to program a display.

You can request these videos by filling out this form and checking the ‘Raptor-Dev Demo’ and ‘Raptor Display Tutorial’ options from the list.

If you have any difficulties, contact our marketing team.

Were you at the Work Truck Show?

At the beginning of March, New Eagle visited Indianapolis for the 2018 Work Truck Show. We enjoyed sharing how our Raptor control platform can help developers of bi-fuel, electric, alternative-fuel and autonomous machines take control of their development process, from prototype to production.

While we were there, we reconnected with Lightning Systems, our partner in transforming the first Ford Transit Van into a zero-emission electric vehicle (pictured).

new eagle electric truck at work truck show
Lightning Systems and New Eagle partnered to develop the first zero-emission electric Ford Transit van, displayed at the 2018 Indianapolis Work Truck Show.

If you missed us at the Work Truck Show, though, that’s okay! You can check out our social media feeds to see what we were up to while we were there.

New Eagle is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. Connect with us, and you’ll never miss an important company announcement or product update.

Spring into something new

If changing season’s inspiring you to spring into a new career, consider joining our team.

As an award-winning Michigan business and a Women’s Business Enterprise certified (WBENC) company, our nest is a great place to work, learn, and grow your career. You can browse open positions at New Eagle on our careers page. 

From all of us at New Eagle, we hope you have a pleasant spring!






The Eagle Has Landed – Work Truck Show 2018

We have arrived at this year’s Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, IN! The booth is set up, our banner is waving, and we are ready to discuss how you can take control of your autonomous machines and EVs. Stop by booth #5658 and say hello, we’ll be here all day today and tomorrow until 5pm, and Friday from 9am – 12pm.


Be sure to follow us on social media throughout the next few days to see some of our favorite booths and follow Iggy the eagle on his tour of the Work Truck Show 2018! You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Come See Us At The Work Truck Show!

We’re headed to the NTEA’s Work Truck Show in Indianapolis next week – stop by and see us! We’re exhibiting in booth #5658 in the Productivity and Fuels Pavilion. For help locating New Eagle, visit the Work Truck Show’s floor plan page and search for us by name or booth number. You can even add us to your WTS18 Planner to help you plan out your visit using this interactive floor plan.

Have some questions about hybrid machines? Want to know more about our product line? We’ll be available to discuss how Raptor can help you TAKE CONTROL of your hybrid machines, autonomous machines, and more! If you can’t make it to the show (or just want to do some light reading on the subject), check out some of our hybrid-related case studies such as the Series Hybrid Class 8 truck to learn more about New Eagle’s work on hybrid machines.

The Exihbition Hall is open March 7th through March 9th, Wednesday – Friday. The hours are as follows:

Wednesday, March 7th from 10am – 5pm
Thursday, March 8th from 10am – 5pm
Friday, March 9th from 9am – 12pm
If you want to be sure you’ll have some time with our salesman, please send us an email requesting an appointment.

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Raptor-Dev videos make learning Raptor easy

Want to learn more about our Raptor platform? Our extensive video library has all the demos and tutorials you’ll need to take you in-depth into Raptor. Explore it now and see how Raptor helps you take control of your system, software and supply chain.

Not sure where to begin? Here three great featured videos to get you started with Raptor:

1. Check out the Raptor-Dev Getting Started Guide. This will give you a brief overview of the product.

2. Next, dive into this tutorial on programming a Raptor Display using Raptor-Dev.

3. Finally, learn how to program a Raptor controller with this short video tutorial.

Make sure you check out more great Raptor-Dev offerings in our web store.

Remember, our store requires a login. If you don’t already have a store login, you can create one here – it only takes a minute!

Eva Hakansson: the world’s fastest woman?

image of eva hakansson and her killajoule electric motorcycle

This is Eva Hakansson, the fastest female motorcyclist in the world. As a self-proclaimed speed-junkie and and tree-hugger, Hakansson set out to combine her passions for engineering, racing and the environment by building the KillaJoule, a three-wheeled electric streamlined motorcycle capable of reaching a record-holding 248.7 mph.

Hakansson calls the KillaJoule eco-activism in disguise, as it pairs the sex-factor of high-speed racing with the progressive science and technology backing emerging zero-emission, electric vehicles.

picture of eva hakansson with the killajoule in the background
Eva Hakansson and her KillaJoule, a record-holding three-wheeled electric streamlined motorcycle that she built and races.

The KillaJoule was built using some of New Eagle’s control system components, like the VeeCAN data logger and Raptor software. With these data logging solutions, Håkansson claims that her days of data darkness are finally over.

“I have a nice 2-channel data logger on the KillaJoule that logs CAN data from the two Rinehart motor controllers, which includes everything worth knowing like speed, battery voltage, motor temperature, field weakening, and modes of operating,” remarked Hakansson.

picture of eva hakansson working on the killajoule and installing a new eagle datalogger
Eva Håkansson installing New Eagle’s VeeCAN data logger (top left) in the KillaJoule motorcycle in her development garage

With this data logger and Raptor software, Hakansson was able to take control of her data and get the KillaJoule out of her development garage and onto the salt flats in Bonneville, Utah to race quickly and easily.

“Installation was simple, and [the data logger]  worked right out of the box…unusual for anything CAN-related!” jokes Hakansson.

In August 2017, she raced the Killejoule at the Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials, where she reached a top speed of 255.122 mph and claimed first place, topping her internal-combustion competition.

image of eva hakansson and her husband at the salt flats in bonneville, utah
Eva Hakansson and her husband, Bill Hakansson, with the KillaJoule at the salt flats in Bonneville, Utah.

While Hakansson admits that going fast and breaking records is a thrill, she explains that her ultimate goal is to show the world that engineering is a great career for women, and that an eco-friendly vehicle is not necessarily a slow vehicle.

As she begins her next project–building the the Green Envy motorcycle (the successor to the KillaJoule)–she has set her sights on a new goal: to be the world’s fastest woman. Period.

New Eagle is proud to support women in STEM like Eva Hakansson and is excited to play a role in advancing zero-emission electric machines with fast, efficient and proven control system solutions. See if the Raptor control platform is right for you by visiting our webstore or signing up for the monthly informational Raptor newsletter.



January 2018 Raptor Updates

image of woman working with raptor lite on computer

The New Eagle team wishes you a happy and prosperous 2018! As a reminder, the current version of Raptor is the 2017b release. To review details or to gain access to Raptor 2017b, visit our product wiki.  If you have not already done so, you may need to register for a New Eagle Wiki account in order to access information on Raptor 2017b.

Introducing Raptor-Dev Lite

Raptor-Dev Lite is a free, trial-version of Raptor-Dev that does not require a license.  It lets you build limited-size Simulink models for any ECU or display target and use complementary tools like Raptor-Cal to work with the software produced by the build.

To get started with Raptor™-Dev Lite, sign up for an account at You will receive confirmation shortly after signing up.

raptor software logo

New Eagle is an official MathWorks Connection Partner

We’re excited to share with you that New Eagle’s Raptor is now an official MathWorks Connection Partner!  It’s now easier to find information on how New Eagle’s Raptor Control Platform can help you take control of your system development time, costs and hardware supply.

Easy, Online Raptor Training

Did you know we have plenty of resources available to help you learn more about Raptor? Check out our Raptor training videos on our product wiki. You can also check out our youtube channel for more helpful videos.

We also offer a university program and on-site training for business. To learn more about these personalized training courses, email [email protected].



Winter 2017 Company News

image of new eagle employees in a meeting

2017’s fourth quarter has come to a close, and we’re excited to share a quick recap of the year as we move into 2018.  Here’s our winter 2017 company news. 

We’ve Released Raptor 2017B 

We’ve added the ECM196 and GCM70 electronic control units (ECUs) to the family of Raptor products, and have made improvements to the Raptor platform so it’s even easier to use. If you’re interested in being among the first to know about new Raptor software updates, subscribe to our Raptor News. You can read more about these new updates in our recent blog post!


New Hardware and Software Tools are here

We’ve been hard at work developing and improving our product and tool offerings.  Here’s what’s new:

image of new eagle gcm196 ecu

We’ve also improved how you can learn how to use Raptor.  Our improved Online Raptor™ training video series gives you the step-by-step instruction you’ll need to learn Raptor anywhere, and at your own pace.

We won an award for excellence

New Eagle was awarded the 2017 MichBusiness Award for Technology. The award was earned based on New Eagle’s growth and success in impacting industry, the Michigan community, and the world. You can read more about the MichBusiness award of michbusinxss 2017 award logo

There are now more ways to connect with New Eagle

Did you know that New Eagle is on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube? Connect with us on social media for important company updates, events, and projects.


December 2017 Raptor Updates

It’s 2018, and we’re hard at work keeping our New Year’s resolution: making Raptor better. Here’s what you can expect from our latest round of December 2017 Raptor Updates.

 image of a new eagle engineer using the raptor control platform

Raptor CAN

Simulation Enhancements: Now, you can use DCB initial value field to allow pre-built simulation scenarios.

Multichannel Support: We’ve fixed the issues with CAN2 on dual/multi-channel CAN cables.

Raptor CAN Lite: Use Raptor CAN without a license.  Raptor CAN Lite is the same as Raptor CAN, just with limitations in log size and reduced DBC message content. It’s a great way to try Raptor CAN! 

Usability Improvements: We listened to your feedback, and we’ve improved simulation settings, monitoring, and log manipulation to make Raptor CAN even easier.

Learn more about these Raptor CAN updates by visiting the New Eagle wiki.

Raptor Test

Raptor Test Lite: Use Raptor Test without a license. In this lite mode, you can work with the RPG files created on the lite version of Raptor-Dev.

Additional Target Support: We’ve added support for ECM196 and GCM70 variants.

You can read more about these Raptor Test updates on the New Eagle wiki.

Access the December 2017 Raptor Updates

Ready to get started with the new updates? If you have not already created an account at, do so. Once your account is set up, our team will add you to the Raptor™ project.  This will not only give you access to the latest downloads, but also grant you the ability to submit issues and make feature requests.

Remember, your license token will need to contain permissions to access the latest Raptor™ Test and Raptor-CAN™ updates. If your license is current on software maintenance, then this permission should already have been applied to your token.

You may use the New Eagle License Viewer to retrieve your updated license. Please contact us if you need help retrieving your updated license. If you need to purchase an updated license, please email [email protected].